David “Trigger” Jones is an author and blogger with a passion for living off-grid. Growing up in a small farming community, David always dreamed of a simpler lifestyle without the stresses of city living. After years of researching and testing different off-grid options, including yurts, tree houses, mobile homes, RV and Vanlife, tents, off-grid power, homesteading, and survival tactics, David created the website Freedom Residence to share his journey and knowledge with others.

David’s expertise in the off-grid lifestyle is a result of years of research and personal experience, and his writing reflects his thorough research and analytical thinking. His passion and enthusiasm for living off-grid shines through in his engaging and informative writing, and he always strives to remain empathetic and resourceful to his readers’ needs.

David earned his nickname “Trigger” in a comical incident during church as a child. When playing cops and robbers with his friend Baker, David chased him down the center aisle of the church, shouting, “Bang Bang, I got you, Robber,” as loud as he could. Baker’s father quickly caught them, but he found the situation humorous and let the boys off with a warning. From that day forward, David was known as Trigger to his friends and family.

Today, David is an experienced off-grid enthusiast and a trustworthy source of information for those looking to simplify their lives and live off the grid. Through his writing on Freedom Residence, David shares his practical knowledge and candid experiences, aiming to help others achieve the same sense of freedom and self-sufficiency that he has found.

The Purpose Of Freedom Residence

The purpose of David “Trigger” Jones’ website is to share his personal experiences and research on off-grid living, and to provide practical and objective information to those interested in living a more self-sufficient lifestyle.

Through his own journey of living off the grid, Trigger has accumulated a wealth of knowledge and resources on various options, including yurts, tree houses, mobile homes, RV and Vanlife, tents, off-grid power, homesteading, survival tactics, and more.

His website aims to inspire and inform those who wish to explore alternative lifestyles and become more self-sufficient, while providing them with trustworthy and candid information that can help guide their decisions.

Whether you are interested in living off the grid full-time or part-time, or simply wish to incorporate more sustainable practices into your daily life, David Jones’ website is a valuable resource for practical and insightful information.

David’s Hobbies and Interests

David’s passion for living off the grid reflects his love for nature and the outdoors. He frequently engages in activities such as camping, hiking, fishing, and hunting, which align with his interest in sustainable living. David’s website serves as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance on off-grid living, as well as a platform for sharing his experiences and connecting with like-minded individuals.

In addition to maintaining his website, David may also attend workshops and events centered on sustainable living, further fueling his passion for this lifestyle. During his free time, he enjoys exploring new off-grid locations, testing out new gear and gadgets, and documenting his experiences through blogging on his website Freedom Residence. David’s continuous research and interest in new sustainable living technologies and techniques demonstrate his commitment to living a self-sufficient and eco-friendly lifestyle.