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Freedom Residence is here because of a desire to become more self-reliant, “go green”, and escape the traditional 9 to 5 life. My journey has led me to a renewed interest in alternative housing. Freedom Residence is all about sharing what I learn about living off the land and becoming more self-sufficient.

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Hi, my name is David Jones, but my friends call me “Trigger”. I’m a huge fan of alternative living arrangements and the many ways people are escaping the 9 to 5 grind. Whether it’s van dwelling or homesteading, if it allows for more freedom in your life then I’m all ears!

I’ve been exploring different aspects of this lifestyle for over three years now and have learned so much. From solar power to worm farming, if there’s something out there that helps us live differently – I want to know about it!

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Is Turning Around in Someone's Driveway Trespassing

Is Turning Around in Someone’s Driveway Trespassing? Know the Law!

Turning around in someone’s driveway is a common scenario faced by drivers looking for a quick route change, but it often raises questions about trespassing. Trespassing occurs when a person enters or uses another’s property without permission. While different states have varying laws concerning trespassing, it commonly hinges on how property owners have designated their…

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Barriers to Keep Cars Off Grass: Effective Solutions Revealed

Maintaining the pristine condition of your lawn includes protecting it from unexpected car traffic which can cause significant damage to the grass. There are a variety of barriers to keep cars off grass, ensuring your landscape remains intact and visually appealing. From decorative solutions that enhance the aesthetic of your property to more practical and…

Alternatives to Septic Systems for Cabins: Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solutions

Alternatives to Septic Systems for Cabins: Sustainable and Cost-Effective Solutions

If you own a cabin or a vacation home in a rural area, you may be familiar with the challenges of managing wastewater. Traditional septic systems are often the go-to solution for handling sewage, but they may not be the best fit for every property. Fortunately, there are alternatives to septic systems that can be…