Where to Buy Tiny Homes: The Ultimate Guide to Plans, Kits, Shells, and Totally Complete Homes

Have you ever imagined scaling down your lifestyle to embrace simplicity and sustainability? The tiny house movement has captured the imagination of many, promising a lifestyle free from the shackles of excessive square footage and clutter.

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Where Can You Buy A Tiny House?

You can purchase a tiny house from various sources, including specialized builders like Jamaica Cottage Shop, home improvement stores like Home Depot, and online platforms such as Tiny House Listings and Tumbleweed Tiny House Company. These vendors offer a range of options, from DIY kits to fully assembled homes.

Whether you’re a DIY enthusiast or prefer a ready-to-move-in option, there’s a tiny home solution out there for you.

Decoding the Types of Tiny Homes


Starting with a set of tiny home plans might be your path to building the home of your dreams. These plans offer comprehensive dimensions and a materials list, allowing for deep customization—from framing options to interior aesthetics. Ideal for those with a flair for craftsmanship, plans let you modify everything from window placements to insulation levels, ensuring your tiny home fits your lifestyle and ft needs.


If you’re keen on a hands-on approach but lack the time for intricate planning, consider a tiny home kit. These kits provide all necessary materials, pre-cut and measured, including critical appliances like washers and dryers. This option balances DIY spirit with convenience, making it a popular choice for aspiring builders seeking quality and affordability.

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For DIYers who prefer to focus on the interior, a tiny home shell might be perfect. The shell comes with the exterior fully constructed—walls, roof, and windows included. This option allows you to dive into customizing the internal space, from the bathroom layout to the installation of amenities, without the complexities of exterior construction.

Fully Built Homes

A turnkey tiny home is the ultimate convenience. Ready to rent or occupy, these homes come complete with all fixtures and fittings, including toilets and sinks, and often boast high-end finishes. They’re perfect for those who wish to skip the build phase and move directly into a beautifully crafted space.

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Exploring Your Buying Options

When ready to purchase, you have several routes:

  • Home Depot offers a range of tiny house kits, starting as low as $5,000. While these kits include essential building materials, be prepared to engage in some construction to bring your tiny house to life.
  • Jamaica Cottage Shop specializes in customizable tiny homes, from basic shells to fully outfitted structures. Their offerings allow you to choose finishes and details that reflect your personal style.
  • Online platforms like Tiny House Listings provide access to an array of pre-built homes and kits. Always research thoroughly to ensure quality and service, ensuring customer satisfaction.

By understanding these options, you can make an informed decision tailored to your lifestyle, budget, and personal preferences in craftsmanship and design. Whether you opt for a plan, kit, shell, or a fully built home, stepping into the tiny house world is a step toward innovation and a sustainable future.

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Exploring the Unique Features and Specifications of Tiny Homes

Choosing the right tiny home involves understanding the distinctive features and specifications that make each option unique. Here’s a guide to help you navigate the various attributes, ensuring you select a home that aligns with your lifestyle and preferences.

Mobility Features

  • Wheels: A hallmark of tiny homes is their mobility, with many models featuring wheels for easy relocation. Opting for a park model on wheels allows you to explore new places with the comfort of your home in tow, perfect for those with wanderlust.

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Construction Options

  • Prefab Units: Prefabricated tiny homes are built in a controlled factory setting and shipped to your site, offering a quick and cost-effective construction solution. While prefab homes offer faster setup times, they generally offer less customization than homes built from scratch.
  • Nordic Spruce: Known for its durability and aesthetic appeal, Nordic spruce is a top choice for constructing tiny homes. Its resilience to harsh climates makes it an ideal material for a long-lasting, high quality home.

Design Enhancements

  • Translucent Roof: For those craving natural light, a translucent roof can flood your tiny home with sunlight, creating a bright and inviting interior.
  • Loft: Incorporating a loft can dramatically increase the square feet of space in your tiny home, providing a cozy sleeping or storage area without compromising the living space.
  • Covered Porch: Adding a covered porch extends your living space outdoors, offering a protected area to enjoy nature regardless of the weather.

Specialized Uses

  • Backyard Office: With more people working from home, a tiny house can serve as an ideal backyard office. This ADU (Accessory Dwelling Unit) provides a separate, quiet environment to boost productivity.
  • Guest House: Utilizing a tiny home as a guest house is an excellent way to offer comfort and privacy to visitors, making it a practical and charming addition to any property.

Sustainability and Efficiency

  • Energy-efficient: Tiny homes are celebrated for their efficiency. Constructed with sustainable materials and designed to optimize energy use, these homes can significantly reduce your utility expenses and environmental impact.

When selecting your tiny home, it’s crucial to weigh these features against your personal needs and the practicalities of your lifestyle. Whether you prioritize mobility, sustainability, or specific amenities like a shower or kitchen sink, there’s a tiny home designed to meet those needs. Use the comparison table below to match features with different types of tiny homes, ensuring you find the perfect plan for your life.

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