3 Reasons Why Your RV Gas Oven Keeps Going Out

No RV is complete without a reliable gas oven. But if you are having an issue with your oven going out, determining why is critical to identify the problem. It is always essential to know the possible causes of a problem before attempting to fix it. Sometimes, the issue might be with your oven, and sometimes, it might be something else more complex than an issue with the oven itself. 

Why does the gas oven in my RV keep turning off?

Three reasons why your RV gas oven keeps going out include a defective thermocouple, a broken thermostat, and blocked ventilation. Other issues like a broken flame sensor, clogged pilot, and gas leaks can result in an oven that cuts out unexpectedly on you. 

The gas ovens in RVs are designed to be easy to use and safe for everyone, but problems can also arise. They are complex machines that rely on other sources for power and gas, so having a bit of knowledge beforehand is vital so you know what to look for. 

This guide will solve that issue and help you identify potential problems and solutions for an oven that goes out. 

The fix you need to keep your oven on longer depends on the exact problem. Keep reading below to identify the issue with your RV gas oven. 

Why Does My RV Gas Oven Keep Going Out?

Gas ovens are very common in RVs and other small homes. They are one of the most popular appliances for cooking. Gas ovens have a few moving parts that can cause problems from time to time.

RV owners should keep their gas ovens maintained to avoid any problems that may arise. They should also check their venting system for clogs or leaks and ensure the wiring is not damaged or frayed.

If your RV gas oven keeps cutting out every few minutes, you may need a new sensor. Many things, including the following, can cause a gas oven to keep going out. 

  • Defective thermocouple
  • Broken thermostat
  • Blocked ventilation

Defective Thermocouple

All gas ovens use a thermocouple to monitor the activity of the pilot light. 

When the pilot light turns on, this small metal rod will detect the gas and indicate to the gas valve that heat is required to turn on the oven. 

This presence of heat keeps the gas line open, so the oven stays lit and well-heated while you cook. But the gas line closes when it gets damaged and is defective because the sensor doesn’t work correctly. 

Almost all issues are related to the thermocouple. Whether it is malfunctioning or misaligned, this should be the first thing you check on. 

Broken Thermostat

All ovens have some type of thermostat to regulate the internal temperature. Without it, the oven cannot determine when the desired temperature has been reached, which can cause it to turn off unexpectedly. 

It can also have an inverse effect and exceed your desired temperatures presenting a serious risk. Whether it ruins your food in the oven or damages the wiring, a broken thermostat on your RV gas oven is dangerous. 

Blocked Ventilation

Poor or blocked ventilation in the oven can cause it to keep going out when you least expect it. All ovens have vents on the sides and interior for heat, but when they are blocked, the interior gets too hot. 

This can cause other parts of the oven to decay. If your thermostat is working well, but the oven lacks ventilation, it will cause the thermostat to malfunction because of extremely fast temperature spikes during use. 

Why Does My Gas Oven Keep Cutting Out? 

Many RV owners find that their gas ovens stop working for no apparent reason. Identifying the issue is the first step if your oven keeps cutting out. 

Gas Leaks

Gas leaks or a bad gas supply connection is one of the most common causes for a gas oven that keeps cutting out unexpectedly.

The best way to avoid this is by ensuring that all the connections and pipes in your home are in good condition. You should also ensure that you have checked the oven’s manual to see if it has any specific instructions on how to fix this problem.

Clogged Pilot 

A clogged pilot light can be caused by poor maintenance and care. After each use, you should clean the oven to avoid grease buildup that can cause this to happen. 

There is a lack of flow and contact between the pilot and thermocouple when it’s dirty, meaning the flame will hold for less time. This is why it keeps cutting out. 

Broken Flame Sensor

A broken flame sensor in your oven will also cause it to keep cutting off unexpectedly. It is crucial to know how to identify the problem and what you can do about it.

You can tell if the sensor is broken based on how well your oven works and if it reaches desired temperature levels. If you notice any struggle to do so, replacing it is the best option. 

How Do You Fix A Gas Oven That Won’t Stay Lit? 

Gas ovens are one of the most common appliances in RVs today. They have a long life span and are easy to use. However, they also have their own set of problems.

One of the common issues is that they won’t stay lit after being turned on. Several things can cause the problem, so it is important to identify what is causing it and consider these options to try and fix it. 

Inspect The Thermocouple

As mentioned, the thermocouple is essential to the success of your RV gas oven, so you should begin by inspecting this component. Look for any dirt or grease build-up for possible clogging. 

You can also tell if it has been moved out of place at all. Sometimes misalignment can happen, and a simple readjustment will have your oven running again. 

Check Your Gas Supply

Next, you can check the gas supply for your oven to see if the issue is happening away from the oven. These are easy fixes whether the nozzle is tangled or the gas valve is off. 

All gas ovens should be hooked up to an uninterrupted fuel supply, so the oven will go out often if you have a limited gas supply. 

Clean The Pilot

Another easy fix is to clean the pilot area. Going for extended periods without any cleaning can get clogged up with dirt, grease, crumbs, and other food-related issues. 

This causes the pilot light to weaken; eventually, it cannot hold a flame long. 

Look For Any Loose Connections

Lastly, you can look at some electrical connections and sensors to ensure nothing is loose. This is often overlooked and causes more oven outages than most issues. 

How Do You Replace A Thermocouple On An RV Oven? 

Once you have a thermocouple problem, it’s challenging to repair them. A replacement is typically the best option, but it requires expertise to do it safely and successfully. 

Kill The Power On The RV Oven

First, you need to turn off your RV oven before even trying to make any type of repair. If it was running, give it time to cool off too. 

Shut Off Your Gas Supply

Next, turn off your gas supply and turn the gas valve off. Allow at least 5-10 minutes before changing the thermocouple after turning off the gas. 

Remove The Old Thermocouple

To remove the old thermocouple, remove the bracket nut holding it. Once this is removed, the thermocouple will slide out of place. 

Uncoil The New Thermocouple

Open the package for the new thermocouple and begin uncoiling it to the desired size. Take measurements first to ensure to have the proper fit for your oven. 

Install The New Thermocouple

To install the new thermocouple, follow similar steps as you did to remove it. It will attach in the same area, and you can attach the bracket to lock it into place securely. 

Run Final Tests

Turn on the oven and run some final tests to ensure it’s installed and running correctly. Leave the oven on for a few minutes to see if it can reach desired temperatures without going out. 

Why Does My Oven Pilot Go Out?

It can be quite frustrating if you are trying to cook and the oven pilot light keeps going out. The two most common causes for this are a faulty thermocouple or the surrounding area near the pilot being clogged and dirty. 

Faulty Thermocouple

When the thermocouple is faulty, it cannot reach the pilot to trigger the gas valve to open. This can occur from a bent or deformed thermocouple or a clogged thermocouple.

Both present a problem that causes the pilot light to go out. You’ll need to fix or replace the thermocouple to solve the issue. 

Clogged Or Dirty Pilot

A clogged or dirty pilot on a gas oven causes the pilot light to go out. This can be caused by food particles stuck in the vent, grease and dirt in the oven cavity build-up or a malfunctioning ignitor.

To resolve this issue, one should turn off the gas, remove all of the debris from around and in front of the valve, and clean up any residue that is still inside.

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