How To Reset A PUR Filter [Solved In Seconds!]

If your PUR filter is malfunctioning or giving you a color indication other than green, then you most likely need to reset the filter, but how do you do it? Having access to clean and safe drinking water is an absolute must and thanks to PUR filters, you can ensure that the water flowing out of your tap is held to a high standard. However, if your PUR filter needs to be reset, it means that your drinking water is not being processed correctly and that there could be contaminants, chemicals, or minerals that are not being filtered out correctly. 

How do you reset a PUR water filter?

To reset a PUR filter, you need to unscrew the system and remove it from the faucet. You can then unscrew the back cover, remove the filter from the housing, and then press the reset button located in the bottom corner. To reset a PUR pitcher filter, simply hold the reset button for 5 seconds.

The majority of Americans get their daily drinking water straight from their taps. Although your tap water should be completely safe to drink without the need for additional cleansing, a lot of people want to be assured that it has been filtered properly. 

A PUR filter is the ultimate way to control the contents of your water so that you know for a fact that what you are drinking is totally safe. In addition, it enables you to have safe drinking water at home without needing to pay for expensive and ecologically unsound bottled water. 

With that being said, in order for your PUR filter to be doing its job, it needs to be functioning properly. Your PUR filter will give you an indication that something is off when with your water or its internal mechanisms, which will require you to reset the system. To help you understand this further, we are going to take a closer look at how to reset a PUR filter. 

After extensively researching PUR filters, I have been able to gather enough information to determine the reset process. My research has indicated that before a reset can be successfully finalized, you need to identify the issue with the PUR filter and resolve it. 

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Why Do I Need to Reset My PUR Filter? 

Resetting your PUR water filter is going to be a periodic chore, but it will ensure that the water you are drinking is safe and clean. There are a number of different instances where a system reset will be required and they should not be challenging to fix. 

It is important that you reset your water filter and softener if the system requires it. If you continue to use your PUR filter without first resting it, you may be consuming water that has not been properly processed. These are the common reasons that a PUR filter needs to be reset.

After Replacing the Filter

To keep your water clean, you need to change your filter from time to time. This is normally after about 100 gallons have been processed through the PUR filter, which takes the average household about 3 months. 

When you swap out your old filter for a new one, the system will require you to rest it before it can be properly used again. 

How to Replace a PUR Filter

To replace your PUR water filter with a new one, you first need to remove it from your faucet by dismantling it from the mounting nut so that you can take off the back cover. This will give you access to the old filter, which you can remove. 

Simply slide the replacement PUR filter into the slot and close the back cover. You can then properly reset your PUR filter.

Dirt & Debris Buildup

Another reason that you may need to change your PUR filter is if there is dirt and debris lodged inside the system. This happens after prolonged use and it confuses the system into thinking that the filter itself is dirty. 

When you get dirt and debris buildup in the system, it prevents the PUR filter from properly resetting. Before you can reset your PUR filter, you will need to remove the dirt and debris, which is likely located inside of the housing and the screen.

How to Remove Dirt & Debris Buildup

To fix this, you will need to disassemble the PUR filter system from your sink so that you can wipe away any gunk that has been built up inside – particularly on the screen. This will enable you to reset your PUR filter correctly.

How to Reset a PUR Filter

When resetting a PUR filter, what you want to achieve is getting it back to its green light setting. This will confirm that the water filter is functioning properly and that it is cleaning the water flowing from your tap. 

However, the process for resetting a PUR filter is a bit different depending on whether you are using a sink or a pitcher. Here is a breakdown of the reset process for each type of PUR filter. 

How to Reset a PUR Faucet Filter

These days, having a PUR filter on your faucet has become pretty standard, as you can have access to clean water straight out of your tap without needing to rely on any other devices. 

Every now and then you will need to reset your PUR faucet filter, which will be required after you replace the filter, clean the screen, or simply due to a technical glitch. 

You can start the reset process by unscrewing the filtration system. Once you have unscrewed the system, you need to unscrew the back cover so that you can remove the housing, which will give you access to the filter.

You need to remove the filter from the housing to reach the reset button which should be located toward the bottom of the housing. 

To reset your PUR faucet filter, you need to press this button a few times. You can then place the filter back and resemble all of the components. Your PUR filter should now be reset, which you can tell by whether the green light has switched back on.

How to Reset a PUR Pitcher Filter

If you are using a pitcher instead of a sink, you will see that there is also a light indication system that tells you the status of the filter. Much like with a PUR faucet filter, the device will also let you know when a reset is required, which is usually right after you replace the filter. 

However, if you are using an older model pitcher, there will not be a light system and you will have to replace your filter based on personal estimation.

After replacing your PUR pitcher filter, the system will require a rest, which you can simply do by pressing the reset button. Hold the reset button for about 5 seconds. The light on the pitcher will switch back to green – indicating that a reset was successfully initiated. 

What Do the Lights on My PUR Filter Mean? 

When you buy a PUR filter these days, it has a sophisticated design that enables you to tell what condition it is in based on a color-coded system. Each PUR filter has different light indicators that will flash a certain color to tell you whether you are getting clean water or not. Seen in the following colors:

  • Green
  • Yellow
  • Red

The lights on your PUR filter will usually be quite stable and they should flash up routinely based on how well the system is performing. On average, a PUR filter needs to be replaced every 3 months or so – after 100 gallons have been processed. This is when you should see color changes in your PUR filter’s light indication system – every 2.5 to 3 months.

If you see that your PUR filter’s color system is changing more frequently than this, then you may have something wrong with your PUR filter’s components, which will require more serious action such as replacing parts or the system altogether. 

Alternatively, it could mean that your PUR filter is working fine and that it is your water that is the problem. Although most tap water is supposed to be clean and safe to drink after being processed by your municipality, the plumbing in each residence is different and if you have old pipes or some other kind of contamination, it could be straining your PUR filter at a faster pace.

Green PUR Filter Light

Green is the color that you want to see on your PUR filter light. This means that your system is working properly and that the water coming out of your tap is being processed, cleaned, and filtered of all possible contaminants. 

In addition, a green light will indicate that you have successfully replaced your filter. If there was an issue with a filter that you installed into the system, the light may appear to be a different color. Whereas a green light will signify a good installation and a good filter. 

You will also find that the green light on your PUR filter system means that you successfully reset the system. After installing a new filter, you generally need to reset the system before you can begin using it. A failed reset will not have a green light and a successful one will. 

Lastly, you may also see that your PUR filter’s green light flashes sometimes. This generally occurs after you first install a new filter into the system. 

Before the filter is fully operational, the system will need to be purged, which you can do by leaving your tap on for about 5 minutes with the filter engaged. This will flush your system entirely and guarantee that your drinking water is clean and safe. 

Yellow PUR Filter Light 

The great modern design of PUR filters enables you to know when your filter is going to expire. Instead of having to wait until the filter has stopped functioning, you will get an indication of this beforehand when you see that the light system has changed from green to yellow. 

Given that a PUR filter is good for about 100 gallons, you can expect the yellow light to come on at the end of its capacity.

Once the light has switched to yellow, you are given a warning that a new filter will need to be installed. However, you can squeeze a bit more life out of it before you actually need to replace it.

Depending on how much water you run through your tap, you should still be able to get a few days of use out of your filter before it turns red. 

You do not need to worry about drinking poor quality water while the filter is yellow, as the water is processed in the exact same way as when it is green and it is completely safe to drink. The yellow indicator is just a warning system and it gives you the perfect amount of time that you need to go out and buy a new filter in case you do not have one at home.

Red PUR Filter Light

Red is the color that you do not want to see on your PUR filter light system, as it is an indication that the water coming out of your tap is no longer being processed. When you see the red color on your light system, you should replace the filter immediately with a new one so that you are drinking water that has been properly cleaned. 

Your PUR filter removes any potentially harmful chemicals, metals, and minerals that are flowing into your water system. Most municipalities only filter a certain amount of these minerals and metals – with a lot of people simply consuming them.

With that being said, it is important to note that the water coming out of your faucet should still be safe to drink – even with the red light indicator switched on (unless your region is known for poor quality water). 

The red light that you see on your PUR filter implies that your filter has processed more than 100 gallons and that it is no longer working properly. Once you have successfully removed the older filter and replaced it with a new one, the light should switch back on to green to indicate that the system is working properly again and that clean water is flowing through your tap. 

However, a red light can also signify that there is something else wrong with the filter and that you need to take additional action. 

Most commonly this has to do with a poor filter installation or a system that needs to be reset. If you see a red light on your system after installing a new filter, then you probably just need to hit the reset button.

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