8 Best off-grid Toilets for Homesteading, Camping, RVs, Vanlife, Boat or Caravan

A toilet is an essential thing when you are traveling. So, what are the best off-grid toilets to buy? 

What’s the best off-grid toilet?

The best off-grid toilets to buy are; Nature’s Head composting off-grid toilet, the separett weekend off-grid toilet, Outhouse off-grid toilet, and the Thetford camping toilet. Other off-grid toilets include; the kildwick toilet, cassette portable toilets, and foldable RV toilets, among others.

Whether living in an off-grid homestead, camping, using an RV, or living in a van or even a yurt, you will require a toilet at some point.

The use of off-grid toilets has gained in popularity because it provides an efficient way for people to use them when needed. Such toilets are very helpful in order to give you a seamless travel experience.

 Typically, off-grid toilets have different types, designs and how you should use them. One of the standard off-grid toilets is the dry off-grid toilet used in homesteading or for individuals living in RV permanently without moving to other areas. 

The dry off grid toilets require a power system to digest the waste and ensure it does not produce any smell. 

Therefore, buying a specific off-grid toilet that will meet your needs is advisable.

8 Best off-grid Toilets for Homesteading, Camping, RVs, Vanlife, Boat or Caravan

Nature’s Head off grid Toilet

This is one of the best off-grid toilets to buy and is suitable for individuals who stay in an off-grid place permanently or like to travel. 

Ideally, it is an odor-free toilet ideal for individuals who love traveling with RVs or boats since they understand the pressure of living in a small space or traveling without access to a toilet.  

Nature’s head toilet is efficient because you only need to empty urine once every four days, depending on the number of people using it. 

It is also suitable for campers because the toilet is odor free when combined with sawdust or peat. 

The only drawback with Nature’s Head off-grid toilet is that it is expensive because its cost ranges from $900 to $1100, depending on the vendor. The cost notwithstanding, the product offers high value for the money.

Outhouse off grid Toilet

An outhouse off-grid toilet resembles a typical outdoor latrine, but the only difference is that it is more straightforward in terms of structure and design. 

The toilet is suitable for homesteading in off-grid areas and other people living in RV permanently and not moving to other places. The portable toilet features a seat and a sizable hole dug into the ground. 

These toilets are easy to construct and do not require a bucket to empty or throw away waste because the hole ensures that the waste rots and decomposes with time. The only drawback is that it will cost you to remove the waste when the toilet is full. 

You can pay for the waste removal services when the toilet is full or build another outhouse off-grid toilet.

Thetford Portable Toilet

This is a multi-purpose toilet that you can carry in your van, RV and even when you are going camping.

Thetford toilet’s most significant advantage is that it has a relatively big tank that can carry about 5.5 gallons of waste. 

As a result, you don’t need to empty waste frequently now and then. 

It also contains a toilet paper roll that provides a place to put your tissue and a pump that enables you to flush with fresh water.

Regarding its dumping process, the portable toilet is easy to dump and clean due to the presence of a rotating arm and cap.

The toilet also contains white vinegar that helps absorb any foul smell to create an odor-free environment.

Other advantages are that the toilet is quite affordable and the installation procedure is easy to follow.

Therefore, if you want a portable toilet that is efficient and convenient, then the Thetford toilet is suitable for you.

Laveo Toilet

The laveo is categorized under the dry flush toilets because it does not use water to flush the waste.

Instead, the toilet uses a container placed under the seat for waste storage. This type of toilet is designed for a short period of use and is preferred by individuals with vans, RVs and boats. 

It is unsuitable for campers because most camp areas do not allow people to dispose of their waste on their grounds.

 Since the toilet does not use water, it wraps the fecal matter by pressing a button the release the expended cartridge. 

You can dispose of the waste in a suitable place that is acceptable and away from people. 

Laveo is affordable, but it will cost you to use it since you will require to buy a new cartridge every time it is full.

Kildwick off grid Toilet

The Kildwick off-grid toilet is a well-liked dry separation toilet that is portable and efficient in different places. 

The toilet designer ensured that Kildwick is aesthetically unique compared to other portable off-grid toilets. Campers and RV enthusiasts typically prefer buying a kildwick off-grid toilet because it meets most of their needs.

Regarding the toilet’s construction, its outside construction is made of plywood and consists of a sizable bamboo seat. 

Additionally, it contains a separation area that helps separate urine from fecal matter so that when the time comes to empty out the waste, it becomes easy to dispose of and wash the container. 

Using things such as white vinegar and sawdust is advisable because they help minimize the odor. Therefore, if you need more space in your RV, van or boat, this toilet is suitable because it has little space.

The Separett Composting off-grid Toilet

The separett composting off-grid toilet is frequently used in a van, an off-grid homestead and RVs. 

The separett company has worked for almost forty years to master designing the best composting toilets to meet their customers’ needs. 

Like the kildwick off-grid toilet, the separett toilet has a separator that creates a different area where fecal matter and urine will go. 

The separation unit ensures that it will be easy to handle the toilet while disposing of the water. 

Using an environmentally friendly waste bag with separate waste containers is advisable to ease the cleaning process. 

The toilet also contains a fan that helps dry the fecal matter to reduce its volume and ensure that the environment you are in is free from odor.

Foldable and Portable off-grid Toilet

The foldable toilet, also known as a “Go anywhere,” is one of the efficient toilets that RVs and van life prefer because it can be folded and carried easily. 

When you fold the toilet, it resembles the size of a briefcase, which requires a small space in your van or RV. When you need to use it, you will open the toilet’s legs and ensure that it is stable, then lift the lid of the bowl and ensure that the wag bag is fastened.

Therefore, this shows how the setup process is easy and takes a short time.

After using the toilet, close the wag bag and dump it in the trash and then place another wag bag for later use. 

The advantage of the go-anywhere toilet is that it is affordable and efficient. However, it does not neutralize the foul smell and cannot be suitable in areas where there is a restriction on the dumping of waste. 

Therefore, if you want a foldable and portable toilet that is easy and efficient, then the foldable off grid toilet should be your choice.

Centralized off grid Toilets

The centralized off-grid toilets are permanently suitable for individuals who live in an off-grid area because it is not portable.

The toilet features a large holding tank that is located under the toilet’s room to resemble a standard outdoor latrine. You will never have to worry about producing an unpleasant smell and frequent emptying.

It is because the toilet employs a mechanism that ensures the volume of the waste is neutralized. It uses a ventilation system and a fan to keep the waste dry to increase the surface area for microorganisms to decompose the waste.

Additionally, the large holding tank ensures you do not frequently have to empty the toilet. The toilet works effectively because it can handle 5 to 7 people.

An excellent example of a centralized off-grid toilet is the Sun-Mar composting off-grid toilet. 

Therefore, if you live permanently in an off-grid homestead but are still determining the best off-grid system to buy or construct, then the centralized off-grid toilet should be at the top of your list.

Factors that Influence the Buying of an off-grid Toilet

Even though we have discussed some of the best off-grid to buy, it is also essential to carefully choose the kind that will serve your needs efficiently. 

For instance, you only want to buy an off-grid large toilet if you have sufficient space to keep it. The following are other parameters to consider before purchasing an off-grid toilet:

Its Frequent Use

How frequently you use the toilet is significant because you want to spend your money wisely and appropriately when buying a toilet. 

This will largely depend on how often you travel and how much time your travel trips are. For instance, buy a small off-grid toilet if you are planning to go for a short vacation.

However, if you have a large family and are planning to go for a vacation, buying a sizable off-grid toilet is advisable. 

Additionally, if you plan to stay permanently in an off-grid homestead, you will require a centralized toilet with large tanks, but if you are waiting for a while, it is best to buy a portable off-grid toilet.

Level of Maintenance

Typically, every off-grid toilet has a distinct way you should maintain them.

For instance, most portable off-grid systems will require you to empty them monthly, while some will require you to empty them daily. 

Additionally, other off-grid toilets will need you to buy new cartridges or waste bags when you empty the toilet’s waste. When it comes to the permanent off-grid toilet, it has got little maintenance because it will take years for the toilet to be full.

Key Takeaways

  • Off-grid toilets differ in design and how you will  use them
  • There are different kinds of off-grid toilets
  • Portable off-grid toilets are suitable for individuals who travel more often
  • Centralized off-grid toilets are suitable for people living in a homestead permanently
  • It is advisable to check for your needs before buying an off-grid toilet

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