The 7 Best Camper Vans for Two | Important Considerations

Going on an adventure is a part of strengthening a bond. Now, what is better than getting your own camper van and setting off to explore and discover more places? 

Camper vans are a type of vehicle that offers both travel and accommodation. You can roam around with it and sleep in the same vehicle motor without losing your bucks on lodging facilities. 

Yet, the question may arise – what type of camper vans are best for the couples? The answer lies in your preferences. There are plenty of factors that come into view while buying the best camper van for two. 

Some of these factors include simplicity, amenities, and budget. 


A fancy camper van may seem like an exciting option. However, you need to keep in mind that the simpler your camper van, the more easy-going your journey if you’re a beginner. 

Unnecessary features can cause complications when you are new to driving a camper van. It is important to note that more features do not necessarily mean a better experience. So, ensure that you only go for a camper van that you deem fit for your journey. 


The next thing you should always look out for is amenities. Remember that you’re choosing a camper van for both travel and lodging experiences. 

This makes it necessary to look out for comfortable amenities rather than luxury ones. For example, camper vans with bathrooms are well-suited for those who feel uncomfortable using public bathrooms. 


Apart from experience and comfort, budget is another thing to keep in mind. You need to set a budget beforehand and decide whether you will rent a camper van or buy one. This will help you save for your future adventures. 

Now, let’s move on to the next section of our blog post and see how you can find an excellent camper van effectively, for the two of you. 

Things to Consider Before Buying a Camper Van 

Investing in a camper van definitely requires more money than usual. Additionally, it will be your home for the rest of your trip. So, comfort becomes extremely necessary too. 

Whenever you’re deciding to buy or rent a camper van, there are a few things you should definitely ask. This will help you find only the best and most comfortable camper van for you and your partner. 

What Type of Camper Van do You Want? 

The first question to ask is – what are your preferences when it comes to buying a camper van. Now, your list may contain lavish things like drop-down beds or an extremely spacious sleeping area. 

However, keep in mind that it is the adventure that matters, not the luxury. So, while it is totally okay to go full out and consider an expensive camper van, it may not be a practical option. 

For example, you do not need a camper van with extra space if you’re just two people.

A luxury camper van may have certain features that can bring complications. Now, if it’s your first time driving a camper van, such complications may ruin your experience. 

Thus, it is highly recommended to go for a camper van with easy and understandable features rather than luxury ones. 

Consider the Budget Properly

Undoubtedly, there are quite a lot of camper van dealers out there. Some may offer you great deals while others might also try to lure you into buying an expensive van. 

If it is the latter option, you may have to reconsider your budget. Remember that it is just two of you traveling. You may not even require features exclusive for huge families. 

Also, a lot of camper vans have special features like solar panels, etc. Only go for those, if it fits in your budget. 

So, keep in mind everything you want in your dream camper van, determine those features, and don’t get sidetracked by extremely pricey camper vans. 

Don’t Forget to Take a Test Drive

Driving a camper van isn’t as easy as driving a car. You should definitely take a test drive before you rent or buy any camper van. 

You need to figure out how the various features and functions work in a particular camper van for a smooth driving journey. It may also help you figure out the heaviness and turning radius of your van. 

It is important to note that camper vans are usually manual rather than automatic. So, if you’re uncomfortable with manual cars, it may take you some time to get adjusted to your camper van. 

Types of Camper Vans

There are three different types of camper vans available for different purposes like: 

DIY Vans

Just like the name suggests, DIY vans allow people to turn the vehicle into campers. So, if you’d like to customize your camper van experience with your partner, go for DIY vans. 

Ready to Cruise Vans

These types of vans are manufactured by trusted camper van companies like Winnebago. They offer comfort, ease in driving, and are available at various rates. 

Cargo Kings

Cargo vans can also be converted or customized to camper vans. Such camper vans are known as cargo kings. 

So, dependent on whichever one appeals to you the most, you can choose any of the three types.

Rent or Buy a Camper Van?

There are usually two options available when you choose a camper van for your journey. 

Renting a Camper Van

The first and more suitable option for beginners is renting a camper van. When you rent a camper van, you can own it for the duration of your trip. 

The benefit of renting a camper van is you don’t have to worry about not using it again. It may also cost you and your partner less. You also needn’t worry about maintenance costs. 

The disadvantage is it may not be in the best condition. 

Buying a Camper Van

When you buy a camper van, it is exclusively yours to keep. You can set out for any adventure with your loved one whenever you like, and you can design it exactly according to your own preferences.

The benefit is it will be up to the mark and available at all times. The disadvantage is maintenance costs and the often quite high initial purchase price.

Storage Requirements

It is important to check the storage requirement before buying any camper van. As you’re just two people, you won’t really need a lot of stuff and hence, camper vans with big storage areas won’t be needed. 

Another factor that also plays a role is the trip duration. If you’re planning longer trips, go for camper vans that can accommodate your luggage. On the other hand, if your trips tend to be short and sweet, then a compact camper van will be suitable. 

Types of Roof

Yes, the roofs of various camper vans also differ depending on the user’s needs and preferences. 

For example, you can go for a low-roof camper van if space isn’t an issue and you want to fit in the camper van in your garage. 

However, there is also an option available for a high roof. This type of camper van roof is suitable for people who tend to be on the taller side. 

There is also an availability of an extra pop-top camper. You may not need it as it is mostly for having a huge space to accommodate more people. 

Your Geographical Location

Different camper vans are suitable for different types of locations. So, if you and your partner prefer going to places with low temperatures, getting a camper van with proper insulation is a need. The absence of insulation may cause you to freeze during the night and have an uncomfortable experience. 

If you’re going to a muddy or extremely rainy place, look out for camper vans having strong tires to ensure that the vehicle won’t stop working or get stuck between the road. Perhaps you will even need a four-wheel drive.

Availability of Bathroom

A lot of camper vans come without a bathroom facility as it is more of a luxury. However, keep in mind that in the end, it is your comfort that matters. 

So, you may have to pay a little extra but if you prefer a camper van with an adequate and clean bathroom facility, then go for it. 

Another idea if you don’t want a camper van with a built-in bathroom is to get a portable toilet and an outdoor shower. 

Now, let’s talk about some of the best camper vans for couples. 

7 Best Camper Vans Suitable For 2 People

Some of the best camper vans available are:

Nomad Vanz Sprinter Conversion

One of the best camper vans out there for everyone is Nomad Vanz Yin Yang. It is customizable as per your needs and has some exciting features. 

These features include: 

  • Comes with 46-gallon (175-liter) water storage 
  • Shower system
  • Agile yet smooth wheels for an effortless journey
  • Anti-glare windows to protect you from extreme heat and sunlight
  • Bright LED-light on the roof rack’s front
  • Large double bed for you and your partner
  • Storage area below the bed

This camper van also has an excellent kitchen with various amenities including a fridge, food preparation area, and a clean sink. You can use the driver and passenger seat as the dining area. 

Nomad Vanz company is also known for its exceptional customer services and for adhering to the customer’s demands for the perfect camper van. 

Dalbury E Electric Camper Van

If you’re looking for an all-electric camper van, your search has come to the end with the Dalbury E Electric camper van. 

This camper van is for those couples wanting to travel sustainably and look out for eco-friendly alternatives. Along with this, it also consists of plenty of splendid features to make traveling easy and comfortable. 

Some of the great features are: 

  • Compact enough for couples
  • Consists of swivel seats and a removable kitchen table for the dining area
  • Kitchen sink available, along with a fridge and a hob
  • Available storage to pack up your clothes
  • Pop-top camper available

This camper van has a bench that can be easily converted into a bed for two within a few minutes. The pop-top roof allows you to stand up in your van without feeling congested. 

So, for a cozy, comfortable, and eco-friendly trip, go for the Dalbury E camper van!

Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600

Fiat Ducato Sunlight Cliff 600 is also a great option for those couples looking out for camper vans. These Sunlight camper vans aren’t as old as other camper van manufacturers yet they are still quite admirable due to their features. 

This camper van is for those couples looking for a modern yet simplistic type of interior when it comes to accommodation. 

Some of the great features of this camper van are: 

  • A proper layout that encourages more spaciousness
  • Wooden interior for increased luxury feels
  • In-built washroom with facilities like toilet, shower, and sink
  • Plenty of storage areas for your luggage
  • Dining area with swivel seats

The bedroom consists of a large double bed providing maximum comfort and space. Additionally, just below the bed, there is a garage area fit for storing outdoor gears or other equipment. The bed is also foldable. 

Overall, this camper van comes at a reasonable cost and offers some of the best features and accommodation facilities. 

Sportsmobile Classic

One of the best camper vans when it comes to driving on rough terrain is Sportsmobile Classic. 

This van oozes power and strength, unlike other camper vans. It also comes with some great features such as: 

  • Pop-top roof for increasing height when needed
  • Strong tires to endure rough surfaces and cause less jerky movements
  • Comes with an awning to provide shade during heat and sunlight
  • Extra storage due to a huge roof rack and rear-mounted box
  • Solar panels for easy energy 
  • Foldable dining table to ensure more spaciousness

This camper van is quite compact. Yet, it wouldn’t feel too cramped up due to its huge doors feature. 

For the bedroom, there is a foldable bed. For the kitchen, there is a counter with a sink and microwave oven. The fridge is available too. 

Ram Promaster City

If you and your partner are looking for a very affordable yet comfortable camper van, then the Ram Promaster City conversion from Cascade Campers should be on your list!

Unlike other camper vans, this camper van is shaped more like a square rather than a rectangular. This helps in providing more headroom. So, you don’t have to worry about hunching over and over.

This camper van is also available in two options such as: 

  • The first one contains a large double bed. This pretty much takes up the whole camper van area. In this type, you will also find a pull-out kitchen. This way you can cook and eat outside easily. 
  • In the second option, there is a soft and comfortable bench seating that converts into a bed. One limitation is that there’s no built-in kitchen included here. 

Due to limited features, this camper van is great for traveling short distances at an affordable price. However, it is not recommended for long trips or rough journeys. 

VW Caddy California

Another compact and reasonable camper van on the list today is the VW Caddy California camper van. 

Even though this camper van may seem small, the layout definitely makes it much more spacious. For instance, the passenger seats of the camper van can easily be converted into comfortable double beds. 

Some of the great features of this camper van are: 

  • Compact size with proper spaciousness
  • Quite affordable to buy 
  • Easy to park due to small size
  • Great for driving on narrow roads
  • Full-functioning kitchen with sink, fridge, and a hob
  • Proper storage area available 
  • Pop-top roof for more height and reduced congestion

For the dining area, swivel seats are available with a removable table. This makes it easier to reduce the blockage of space. 

So, consider this camper van if you want an affordable yet fully-functioning camper van. 

Yama Nomad Christopher Van

Are you looking out for a camper van that is simplistic and gives you a homely feeling? Well, the Yama Christopher Van is one such type of amazing camper van. 

This camper van has a splendid design that includes cute tiles with white walls. This type of interior definitely gives it a warm look. 

Some of the other such great features include: 

  • Comfortable sofa for lounging around
  • Kitchen available with sink and cabinets
  • Comes with a cooktop, knife block, and other drawers
  • A fridge is included as well

Additionally, for the dining area, swivel tables and chairs are present for more space and comfort. 

Talking about the storage, this camper van has overhead cabins that can help you in storing a lot of stuff. 

One disadvantage of this camper van is there’s not an adequate place for sleeping. So, if you’re considering it, keep this piece of information in your mind. 

Final Thoughts

Camper vans are such that they can either give you the experience of your dreams or your nightmares. It usually all depends on the type of camper van you’re choosing. 

We recommend going for camper vans that are easy and effortless for you to drive. Along with that, they should also be comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate you and your partner without feeling too cramped up. And of course, they need to fit your particular budget.

So, find the perfect type of camper van for you and your loved one through this guide and have an exciting road trip ahead!

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