Are Off-grid Knives Any Good?

I’ve been a knife enthusiast since I was a little kid. My dad used to take me fishing, and we always had knives on the boat for filleting fish, cutting bait, and other general tasks. The first thing I bought with my own money as a young teenager was a good quality folding knife that I still carry when I go kayaking and fishing today. Naturally, I’ve had a few knives over the years. Some were great, some not so much. One of my concerns was that they were simply going to fall apart, as many cheaper brands seem to do.

A couple of years ago, I came across a new brand called Off-Grid knives, and I’m very impressed with the knives they make. Although I don’t usually write about things not directly related to alternative living, I will make an exception. After all, many of my readers enjoy lifestyles where a good knife is a necessity rather than a luxury.

Are Off-Grid Knives Any Good?

Off-Grid Knives come in all sorts of blade shapes for hunting, everyday carry, survival, camping, and self-defense. The knives are durable, sharp, made from high-quality steel with good ergonomics and an appealing design. Although they’re not the cheapest on the market, they are very affordable considering their level of quality. They are a little on the heavy side, but many people prefer something substantial in their hand for tough jobs.

While they’re not flashy, they do have a unique look to them. They are not tacky or gaudy but have a rugged outdoorsy look that goes well with how they function.

So, are Off-Grid Knives any good? Yes, I’d say so! They make excellent knives at prices that won’t break your budget or your heart if you end up losing one. Are they the absolute best knives on the market? No, but you won’t be disappointed with them. Off-Grid Knives are truly an excellent choice for anyone who needs a good knife for a good price.

There’s also a great lifetime guarantee, even if you have abused the knife. If you damage your Off-Grid Knife in any way, they’ll pretty much replace it for free. While I have yet to test this (knock on wood), I have had only positive experiences with their customer service.

Why Are Off-Grid Knives So Affordable? Are they cheaply made?

Although you certainly won’t be paying top dollar for Off-Grid Knives, their reasonable prices are not because of cutting corners on quality or using shoddy materials. They’re reasonably priced because the knives are made in Taiwan and China.

It takes a lot of time and effort to produce expensive handcrafted knives that many knife enthusiasts desire, requiring more pay for the maker as well as more time spent. Most people do not need this extra level of quality for a tool they may lose when about and about, and thus Off-Grid Knives provide great quality at a reasonable price.

Off-Grid Knives are made from a selection of steels that are durable and made to last:

  • 154CM
  • AUS8
  • Böhler M390
  • CPM-S90V
  • Crucible CPM S35VN
  • Cryogenic D2 Tool Steel
  • Damasteel

The blade steel is selected to provide durability, corrosion resistance, and an excellent cutting edge. They’re currently in the process of adding new steels to their selection and seem to be doing so on a regular basis.

The Best Knives to Buy from Off-grid Knives

While I haven’t tested every knife in their sizeable product line, I’ve owned more than a couple of them and spent the time to try them out well enough to be able to speak with some authority on the subject. The following are my personal favorites which are best suited for a variety of different uses.

Rapid Fire Coyote

A knife that is great for work and play. 3mm of super-strong D2 blade steel is ready to tackle your next project, for camping or just in the backyard. A potent EDC tool that can be carried with pride. No more worrying about carrying around another cutting tool that might not do the job when you need it most. Be prepared anywhere the trail takes you with this handy gadget on hand, and rest easy that your knife can take some abuse.

The D2 steel is an excellent material for a good knife. It’s extremely durable and will hold an edge for a long time, but it doesn’t make the blade brittle. The Rapid Fire Coyote is an excellent choice for someone looking for a tough knife, in a compact size, for a good price.


Carry this with you, and you’re ready for anything. The Tracker-X from CRKT is a tough-as-nails fixed blade full tang knife that fits the hand well. They’ve combined a Cryo D2 blade, which stays sharp for a long time and is easy to sharpen, along with a durable Quick-Clip sheath made of Kydex.

The Tracker-X takes that extra step from your typical folding utility knife to a solid fixed blade hunting knife. Whether you are looking for a tough knife to take on your next camping trip, or an emergency tool in case you get caught out after dark, the Tracker-X is a great choice.

Fat Boy

The Fat Boy was born to take care of your everyday cutting needs. “Built like a tank,” this blade is constructed from AUS8 steel and features an ergonomic steel handle with a natural shape for a solid grip. It’s compact and easy to travel with but tough enough to stand up against everyday tasks around the home or office.

I recommend the Fat Boy for someone looking for a good, solid knife that is easy to carry while still being able to stand up against tough use. The AUS8 steel is very easy to sharpen and gets incredibly sharp.

Are There Superior Knives on the Market?

Yes. There are higher quality knives on the market, but they’re more than twice as expensive for what you get. Are they twice as good or better made? Are the materials superior, the handle more ergonomic? Are they worth that much extra money? Usually not.

The same goes for inferior knives. Are you willing to pay less to get a knife with lower quality steel that’s harder to sharpen and won’t take an edge well? How about a sheep plastic handle instead of metal or composite, which can warp when exposed to heat or sunlight? Are these things really worth it when you can buy an excellent knife like the ones offered by Off-Grid Knives for only slightly more than their inferior counterparts?

If you are looking for an economical option in terms of cost vs. value, I recommend checking out Off-Grid Knives. There are many other great knife producers, but I’m very impressed by what this relatively young company has been able to achieve.

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