Are Trailer Parks Safe? The Honest Truth + Safety Tips

Trailer parks provide a budget-friendly and cheaper way to live. But are trailer parks safe? 

Are trailer parks safe?

Despite the bad reputation associated with this type of living, trailer parks are safe. Generally, the crime rate in trailer parks is lower than that of most conventional neighborhoods in the U.S. However, some parks will be safer than others, depending on the safety mechanisms and systems in place.

Living in a manufactured home community comes with numerous benefits. First, you will enjoy the benefits of traditional homeownership while avoiding things like property taxes and land maintenance that come with a stick-built home. They are a great way to get affordable housing while skipping the mortagee.

Second, living in a manufactured house in a trailer park is highly cost-efficient. As much as the cost of living in a trailer park will vary from one location to the other, your expenses will be much lower, compared to living in a traditional home or renting a similar-sized apartment.

Without a doubt, living in a trailer park comes with numerous benefits. They provide a great option for someone looking for an affordable means of living. But are trailer parks safe?

Trailer Park Safety Explained

If you are looking to start living in a trailer park, you may be wondering whether they are safe. Well, the truth is that trailer parks are safe. I’ve interacted with hundreds of residents living in different trailer parks. And most of them agree that trailer parks are safe.

However, I should mention that the safety levels will vary from one trailer park to the next. So, when you are looking for a trailer park where you can live, you need to do your homework properly and check out as many places as possible.

Interact with as many residents as possible, talk to the neighbors and do some observations yourself. 

If possible, you should spend at least a week or so in the area doing your homework.

Also, it will be advisable to read reviews posted by other trailer park residents. And with this information, you will be able to identify a safe park while avoiding unsafe or bad trailer parks.

Safety Tips when Living in a Trailer Park

As we’ve noted above, mobile home parks are safe. But this doesn’t mean they are 100% safe. As you may probably know, burglars, thieves, and other criminal elements exist everywhere.

Even if you are living in one of the safest trailer parks, there’s always a safety risk. Therefore, you need to be proactive about your security and safety when you are staying in a trailer park. 

Here are some tips to stay safe when you are living in a trailer park.

Lock Your Home Whenever You are Leaving

While this may appear like a no-brainer or something obvious, some residents have the tendency to leave their homes unlocked or unsecured. This usually happens to be the case when someone is leaving for only a few minutes.

But, it’s not advisable to leave your home unlocked or unsecured, regardless of whether you will be away for a few minutes.

You need to always lock your home and ensure you secure everything outside before you leave.

If you have valuables outside your home, make sure you move them inside if they can fit. In case they can’t fit inside your home, you should secure them with chains and padlocks.

Install Security Equipment in your Home

Another measure that you can take to protect your home further when you are living in a trailer park is by installing security equipment.

Things like deadbolts, security cameras, and alarms will serve as great deterrents whenever a burglar is trying to break into your home or steal your valuables.

Besides acting as a deterrent, a security camera will also make it easier to identify someone who steals your valuables.

Also, you should consider having a safe inside your mobile home. You will be using this safe to store things like watches, jewelry, important documents, and other valuables that you may have. 

So, in the unfortunate situation that a burglar managed to break into your house, there’s a high chance they won’t manage to steal your valuables.

Change Door Locks Yearly

Like most consumer goods, door locks also tend to wear out with time. And the more they wear out, the more they become prone to picking. So, you shouldn’t stay with one door lock for too long.

Therefore, it will be highly advisable to be changing your door locks frequently. Ideally, you should be changing your door locks at least once per year or every two years.

Make sure you hire a professional locksmith for this task.

Also, make sure you invest in high-quality door locks. As much as you may have to spend hundreds of dollars buying a high-quality door lock, the investment will be worthwhile.

Keep Your Window Blinds and Shades Down

Whether you are away from your house or you are relaxing inside, it will be highly advisable to keep your window blinds and shades down when you are living in a trailer park.

By keeping them down, your home will still get sufficient sunlight. 

At the same time, no one can see what’s inside. And this will help to eliminate temptations or your valuables becoming objects of interest.

It will also be advisable to invest in one-way window panes. One-way window panes feature a thin metallic reflective coating on one side. This coating will then reflect light, making it hard to see through the mirror from that side. 

And this side will be facing outside. One-way window panes can go a long way in boosting the security and privacy of your home when you are living in a trailer park.

Have Means to Protect Yourself

You should also have the means to protect yourself when you are living in a trailer park. Most people opt for guns.

However, some states have strict gun ownership laws. So, if you live in such a state, you need to explore other options such as a stun gun, metal club, baseball bat, or pepper spray.

Also, make sure you know how to use whichever weapon you choose to defend yourself with. For instance, if you opt for a gun, you need to know how to use it properly. There’s no point in having one if you don’t know how to use it.

Furthermore, if you decide to purchase a gun for self-protection, ensure it’s securely locked inside your home so that no one can steal it or use it against you during breaking and entering.

Know Trailer Park Staff

Knowing trailer park staff can also help you to stay safe when you are living there. Trailer park staff will keep you updated on everything that you need to be on the lookout for during your stay there. Also, they will alert you on any safety issues they may be having at the park.

Key Takeaways

  • Trailer parks are safe
  • Crime rates in trailer parks are lower than in most rest residential neighborhoods
  • Some trailer parks are safer than others
  • You should take proactive measures to boost your safety and security further

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