Why You Shouldn’t Be Embarrassed To Live In A Mobile Home

There is no reason to be embarrassed about living in a mobile home. These housing options afford owners the chance to get a home that is barely different from the typical ranch style home but at a more reasonable price.

Mobile homes are known for being more eco-friendly than the average American home. They also fall within the same size range as ranch-style homes. You will find that the largest double-wide trailers are actually larger in size than most ranch homes.

Upscale mobile home communities have become popularized in recent decades. Mobile homes are an excellent housing option for seniors because they do not require the use of many staircases, if at all. However, mobile home communities aren’t just for seniors, though, as you will also find that trailers are popular housing options in resort towns.

The Interior Dimensions Will Be Comparable To Many Traditional Homes

The interior dimensions of a mobile home will actually be comparable to those of many traditional home styles like ranch-style homes. Double-wide trailer homes are even more spacious than most people realize.

Single wide homes can range from 600 square feet to as much as 1,300 square feet. Most single wide trailers will be around 1,080 square feet as 72 x 15 feet is the most popular size of single-wide trailers. Double wide mobile homes range from 1,000 to 2,300 square feet in size. 

This puts trailer homes in company with most ranch-style homes when it comes to square footage. According to SF Gate, ranch-style homes will typically range from 1,108 square feet to just over 1,500 square feet. In some cases, a double-wide trailer will actually be bigger than ranch style homes that are on the market.

Even the most popular single-wide trailers will be comparable to the average-sized ranch home. You will notice that mobile homes offer many of the same opportunities that the typical ranch-style would, but at a lower price range. Landscape design can even make the mobile home look no different than your typical ranch house. Recommendations for landscaping are also included later in this article.

Mobile Homes Have A Lower Carbon Footprint

Mobile homes are a more sustainable alternative to traditional houses. Manufactured homes have a reduced footprint due to the simplified construction process and lower energy demands.

For this reason, mobile homes are an eco-friendly housing option, although they have not traditionally been credited as such.

Statistics show that the average American home uses 82.3 million BTU of energy per year, while mobile homes only use 59.8 million BTU. This means that trailer homes use 25% less energy than the average household. 

Reduced Carbon Dioxide emissions are a result of lower energy demands and a less-intrusive construction process. The homes are fabricated in a factory and then brought to the site. The amount of construction performed after the trailer arrives at the location is limited. There is no need to truck in a bunch of building materials from all over the place.

There Are Many Upscale Mobile Home Communities 

You will find that there are many upscale communities filled with mobile homes. These types of homes have traditionally been used in retirement communities due to ease of access. Trailer houses are popular housing options for vacation homes due to small lot sizes in resorts.

Tiny homes have steadily gained popularity among empty nesters who are looking for a much-needed downgrade for retirement as they no longer have a need for a house with many rooms. It’s easier to live in a mobile home, then committing to the confined space of a tiny house.

You can see for yourself all of the amenities offered at this 55+ mobile home resort community located in Florida. Benefits include a golf course and numerous social event opportunities for seniors looking for a retirement community. Upscale mobile home villages like this are actually quite common, including many vacation resorts that aren’t exclusive to seniors.

Modern Manufactured Homes Are Quite Durable

Mobile homes have also held a reputation for being susceptible to storm damage. Modern construction techniques leave manufactured homes safer than they’ve ever been. Durability is an underrated quality for mobile homes, which still cost 25-35% less than single-family site-built homes.

A wind test performed on recently-constructed mobile homes put these new construction techniques to the test. Winds of 105 mph were artificially created for almost 30 minutes. The only damage that occurred was the loss of a couple of dozen shingles from the roof.

Exterior Design Options Make These Homes More Stylish

Exterior design strategies abound for mobile homes. As you will see here, homeowners have been able to transform their trailer homes into homes that will challenge your preconceived notions of what manufactured homes look like.

This article from Better Homes & Gardens goes to show just how warm and inviting a mobile home can become with a little exterior and interior design planning. The exterior of the home in the article certainly doesn’t look very far off from a well-landscaped ranch style home.

Landscaping is a great way to enhance the exterior of a mobile home. Kansas State University notes that the resale value of a lot and mobile home can go up quite a bit with a little landscaping. Quality landscaping can make the mobile home look just like any other home.

The long, narrow shape of the trailer home can be corrected with shrubs placed at the corners of the home, for example.

When you are selecting plants for your mobile home, select varieties that are small to medium in size so that the size relates better to the scale of the mobile home. Whatever you use, make sure that you are selecting plants that can be grown in your climate zone.

Here are the type of plant choices you are encouraged to make for this type of environment:

Mobile Homes Are Accessible

These types of homes are popular as housing options for seniors because of how easy they are to access. There are very few, if any, staircases inside or outside of the house. They are also much easier to maintain for people who are physically-impaired.

Maybe you’re in good shape yourself, but you will probably have relatives or friends over at some point who have trouble getting around. There may also come a point when you are going to try to take in a relative who will find it easier to move from place to place in the house than it would be if they had to live in a home with a bunch of stairs.

If you plan on having children, the lack of stairs is also nice because it’s one less thing to baby-proof. You’ll never have to worry about your kid falling down the stairs or waking them up when you step on the inevitable squeaky step. Plus, the long, often open floor plan gives little ones plenty of room to run around without you worrying if they’re going to get hurt.

A Mobile Home Is A Good Starter Home

The affordability and ease of maintenance also make the mobile home an excellent candidate for a starter home. Perhaps you are a young professional out of college, or maybe you’re single and away from home a lot on business. In either case, you will not want to get in over your head with a house that requires a lot of regular maintenance.

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