9 Creative Chainsaw Storage Ideas

Chainsaws are a necessary tool for many jobs. Whether you’re an arborist, a rancher, a firefighter, or an ice sculpting enthusiast, you know how essential your chainsaws are. 

Vital as they are to so many tasks, storing a chainsaw can be tricky. They’re oddly shaped and require a safe storage place, out of reach from tiny hands and would-be thieves. Plus, they need protection from dust, sunlight, and moisture. 

Luckily, many creative chainsaw owners have developed unique and functional ways to store their favorite tools. Below, we share some of the best chainsaw storage ideas. Using one of these will keep your chainsaw safe and easy to grab when you need it. 

Chainsaw Storage Ideas

There are several ways to store a chainsaw. Whether you want upright storage, shelving, or a locked case, there’s a storage solution on this list that will fit your needs. 

1. Vertical Chainsaw Shelf

Storing chainsaws vertically and at waist height keeps them easy to grab while maximizing wall space. Building a shelf to store them this way is relatively simple. 

Simply build a shelf at about waist height, or higher, in your storage shed, garage, or shop. Then, cut slits in the frame wide enough to fit the saw portion of your chainsaws. Slip the saws through the slit and let the engine rest on the shelf. It’s that simple!

The only downside to this storage mechanism is that they are easy to grab. You might not want to store chainsaws like this if you have kids. Opt for a locking cabinet or chest instead. 

2. On Hooks 

If you have plenty of wall space in your shop or garage, hanging your chainsaw on hooks might be best. Chainsaw hooks are affordable and easy to install. You can find them at any home improvement store or on amazon

Depending on how high you place the hooks, your saw may not be easy to grab. If you have children, you can put it up high, but don’t put it so high that it’s overly hard to retrieve. Climbing a ladder to get your chainsaw down can be a little tricky.  

3. Horizontal Chainsaw Shelves 

You could build a standard shelf to hold your chainsaw. Shelves are easy to install, and you may already have one available in your shop or garage. You can even decorate your dedicated chainsaw shelf with old saw teeth across the front. 

Unfortunately, a chainsaw will take up an entire shelf on its own. So, storing it this way isn’t the best way to save space. 

Shelves also make your chainsaw easy to grab in most cases, which may or may not be a good thing. If you’re trying to keep your chainsaw away from your child’s grabbing hands or are worried about theft, you may be better off with a different chainsaw storage option. 

4. Chainsaw Bag

Another great option regarding chainsaw storage ideas is a chainsaw bag, especially if you travel with your chainsaw regularly. The bag makes it portable thanks to grab-handles and shoulder straps. 

It also allows you to keep all your chainsaw accessories together. It will have pockets for spare chains, spark plugs, and other tools. 

You can always hang the chainsaw in its bag when you’re at home, and doing so will keep it protected from dust and moisture. And, you can put a lock on the bag to keep your chainsaw safe.  

Of course, a good chainsaw bag is relatively expensive, and the cost might not be justifiable if you only need your chainsaw at home. Chainsaw bags are best for those who need their saw on the go. 

5. Chainsaw Chest

Many chainsaw owners choose to store their saws in a homemade chainsaw chest. Building one is relatively simple, and the customization options are limitless. 

Simply build a basic storage chest using wood and a few simple tools. Then add any details you want! You can paint or stain the box to look nice in your space. Add stenciling or burn your initials into the lid. You could even add a cushion to the top and use it as a bench. 

You’ll probably want to add a locking mechanism to your chest. That will keep your chainsaw safe from thieves or kids when you’re not around. 

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6. Chainsaw Tree

If you want to display your chainsaw collection, there’s no better way than using a chainsaw tree. A chainsaw tree is a large, freestanding log with angled slots cut into the side. The slots are deep enough to fit the saw portion of your chainsaws. So, you can slide each saw into a slot, and your chainsaws will hang. 

This storage idea doesn’t save space, but it does look pretty cool. The hardest part of building it is getting the log home! You’ll need a wide log to easily accommodate the length of your saws, which means it will be heavy and hard to transport. 

7. Chainsaw Scabbard

In truth, no matter how you store your chainsaw, it should probably have a scabbard. A scabbard is a plastic sheath that covers the cutting element on the saw. You can throw it on whenever your chainsaw isn’t in use. Then, store your saw on a shelf, or chest, or hang it on hooks. 

A scabbard is particularly useful if you travel with your chainsaw. It keeps the cutting element protected while the saw sits in the bed of your truck.  

8. Mounted Locking Cabinet

If you’re tight on garage or shop space and want to keep your chainsaw safe, a locking cabinet might be your best option. 

Locking cabinets for chainsaws can be relatively low profile, and you can design the inside to accommodate whatever you’d like. Add extra hooks and shelves for chainsaw parts like chains and spark plugs. You can even add an inner light if you’re feeling fancy. 

Then, mount the cabinet to the wall, just like you would a medicine cabinet in your bathroom. Alternatively, you could build a freestanding cabinet and set it on its somewhere, but that takes up a lot of space. So for most, the mounting option is best. 

9. Pipe Hanger 

Consider building a chainsaw holder from mounted pipes for a more industrial look in your garage or shop. Just attach pipes to form a T-rack and mount them to the wall. It’s a simple way to keep your chainsaws off the ground, and it looks good too!  

Preparing Your Chainsaw for Long Term Storage

There are several creative chainsaw storage ideas for keeping your tool and your loved ones safe. But before you throw your chainsaw on a saw tree or hang it on a mount in your shop, preparing your saw for storage is crucial. 

Most chainsaw users winterize their saws for the colder months when cutting logs and other jobs are on pause. But you should follow these steps whenever you plan to set your chainsaw aside for more than a month. 

Empty Fuel

First, empty the fuel tank. You’ll want to do this in a well-ventilated area as the fuel is toxic to breathe. 

Start by emptying the carburetor and then drain the rest of the tank. Draining this down will prevent the carburetor diaphragms from sticking together. 

Alternatively, some chainsaw owners leave the fuel in their saw while storing it. To do this, they add a fuel stabilizer that keeps the fuel good for later use. If you’re going to use a stabilizer, make sure to run the saw for at least three minutes after adding it to ensure it distributes evenly. 

While adding a fuel stabilizer will save your fuel, it’s not a great idea if you plan to hang your chainsaw vertically for storage. If you’re going to use a stabilizer, store your chainsaw on an even, horizontal surface. 

Clean and Sharpen 

Next, remove the chain and guide bar from your saw. Clean and spray it with protective oil. If necessary, sharpen the chain as well. You can reattach the chain and guide bar for storage or leave them off. 

You can also clean the air breather on your saw. To do this, refer to your saw’s owner’s manual. It will tell you to use soap and warm water most of the time. Then, you can dry the air breather using compressed air. However, it’s best to refer to the manual before messing with it. 

Inspect and Replace

Finally, you’ll want to inspect the spark plugs and air filter. Look for any spark plug issues such as sooty electrodes. If you find any problems, now is the best time to replace them. 

Then, check the air filter and either clean it or replace it. Your owner’s manual will be able to help with this. 

After that, you can ensure all the screws and bolts on your saw are tight and in good shape. Once you’re sure that everything is clean and in good repair, you’re set to store your chainsaw for the winter! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Storing a chainsaw tends to bring up questions. Below, we answer the most common questions regarding chainsaw storage ideas. 

Can you hang a chainsaw for storage?

You can hang a chainsaw for storage as long as you take the proper precautions to keep it safe from the elements and ensure it’s secure. You don’t want it in an area where dust can accumulate, fluids can spill, or sunshine regularly hits it. And, you’ll want to make sure the hooks or racks it’s hanging on are strong enough to hold it. 

Can you store a chainsaw vertically?

Yes, you can store a chainsaw vertically without causing damage to it. However, to avoid possible fuel leaks while hanging vertically, you should empty the fuel tank before storing it. 

How do you hang a chainsaw on the wall?

There are multiple ways to hang a chainsaw on the wall. You could DIY a rack from pipes or even create wooden hooks. The easiest way to hang a chainsaw on the wall is with chainsaw hangars. You can purchase hangars online or at most home improvement stores. 

Should I empty my chainsaw after use?

You should empty your chainsaw’s fuel tank if you don’t plan to use it again for a few months, such as over the winter. You don’t have to empty the fuel tank if you plan to use your chainsaw again the next day or even the following week. 

Do all chainsaws leak bar oil?

All chainsaws can leak bar oil, but it’s not necessarily a problem if they do. More often than not, the leak isn’t an indication that something’s wrong with your saw. You can usually avoid leaks by storing your saw on an even surface and emptying the fuel tank before storing it for a more extended period. 

Why does my chainsaw leak oil when not in use?

If you find a puddle of oil beneath your chainsaw after storing it, it’s likely from oil deposits that spray from the chain while the saw is in use. This oil gets caught in the saw’s recesses, then drips down into a puddle when you store your saw. 

Alternatively, the oil could be from overfilling your saw’s fuel tank, then storing it on an uneven surface with the tank full. 

How long can you leave fuel in a chainsaw?

How long you can use fuel in your chainsaw depends on your fuel type. Typically, manufacturers recommend that you only use their fuel for thirty days. So, if the fuel has been sitting in your saw for longer than a month without use, you’ll probably want to clean the fuel tank and fill it with fresh fuel. 

Final Thoughts

Your chainsaw is probably one of your favorite tools. It’s powerful and versatile, covering a range of jobs from cutting logs to carving ice

Unfortunately, it’s also bulky and can be tough to store. That’s where creative chainsaw storage ideas come into play. You can show off your chainsaw collection in a saw tree or keep it in a low-profile cabinet so it’s safe and out of the way. Whatever works best for you and your space! 

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