Is Cypress Wood Good For Firewood? How To Burn Cypress The Right Way

For the winter, you need reliable firewood for heating. Is cypress wood good for firewood? Here is a detailed discussion of this.

Is cypress good for firewood?

Yes, cypress wood is good for firewood. It is a dense wood and does not contain a lot of moisture. In addition to that, it is available in many parts of the US. However, if you are to get the most out of this wood, you should ensure that it is properly seasoned.

Although the cypress tree is softwood, it is fairly dense. Basically, it has a high workability while still maintaining some attributes of hardwood, such as growth rings and tighter grain. 

It also serves as a suitable substitute for hardwoods since it doesn’t shrink, warp, twist, or split like other softwoods.

Is It Okay to Burn Cypress Wood?

Yes, you can burn cypress wood, especially when you intend to use it as kindling in a fire pit. Cypress wood ignites and burns quickly compared to most woods used for cooking. 

As a result, it is suitable to use when starting fires or when combined with different types of wood that burn slowly. When it comes to using cypress wood for firewood, it works better in outdoor fires than indoor fires. 

It produces 21.7 million BTUs per cord, which is a bit lower than popular firewood types, and a bit higher than options like poplar. It, therefore, needs proper seasoning to provide more lasting value as firewood.

Another thing that you should know when burning cypress wood is that it creates a high level of creosote build-up when used in an indoor fireplace. 

Because of this, it is safe to burn cypress trees in an outdoor fireplace. Like other softwoods, it produces resins that can lead to substantial smoke.

 The good news, however, is that well-dried cypress trees won’t give off much smoke because of low moisture content. Therefore, before burning cypress wood, ensure that you season it for about 6 to 8 months for a smoke-free experience. 

A good tip is to cut the tree in colder months, like early winter or autumn, when the tissues have less moisture. 

Cypress trees are very easy to split, even without a splitting axe. A good practice is to split the wood while it is still green, as this helps to quicken the seasoning process. You will also have an easier time splitting cypress on a freezing day. 

When it comes to the aroma, you can expect that any type of cypress tree will produce a distinct smell that may be appealing to many people. 

What Should Not be Used for Firewood?

When deciding which type of wood to use for firewood, several things should be considered including the BTU, smoke, smell, splitting difficulty, coal production, and seasoning time. With these things in mind, you will realize that not every wood makes a great fuel option for fireplaces. 

Stay away from softwoods if you want a safe and long-lasting fire. This is because most softwoods burn fast and can produce a lot of soot in indoor fireplaces.

The other type of wood that should not be used for firewood is green wood or freshly cut wood. Otherwise, you are likely to end up with hard-to-light firewood with heavy smoke.

This is a result of sap, which can take between 6 months and one year to dry up.

Try as much as possible to stay away from driftwood as it is more likely to contain toxic chemicals when burned. This is also true for wood covered with harmful vines and shrubs like poison ivy and oleander.

Moreover, it is highly suggested to get your firewood from a local firewood supplier. Not only does this lighten your burden but it also ensures that you lower the chances of spreading insects and diseases on your firewood. 

Moving firewood increases this risk; hence, the need to promote your local supplier.

What is Cypress Wood Good For?

Being a type of softwood, cypress is perfect for an outdoor fire. It is also a fair choice for a stove or a home fireplace, especially when used as a shoulder-season fireplace. 

In the event that you use this firewood for indoor fireplaces, a fire guard will come in handy to keep you safe from sparks and pops. If seasoned properly, this type of firewood will burn efficiently and this means less smoke.

Ultimately, seasoning cypress is faster than other softwoods and you just need about 6 and 8 months to dry it.

Since it burns hot and fast, you can use cypress firewood for smoking and grilling meat. The best part is that it gives off a distinct aroma that can enhance the flavor of meat and other foods cooked over an open flame.

What is the Best Wood for Firewood?

The best wood for firewood is one that burns fast yet it can sustain the fire for a very long time. This way, you won’t have to keep adding the firewood after a while. Plus, it should be well seasoned as this helps to lower the moisture content to a considerable amount. 

Besides burning more efficiently than green wood, dried wood is also likely to emit less smoke. This makes it a safer option, particularly for smaller homes.

Both hardwoods and softwoods can make safe burning options for a fireplace. However, hardwoods are worth considering if you want to maintain a fire for a long time considering that they are denser. 

Softwoods, on the other hand, catch fire quickly and are best reserved as kindlers.

Key Takeaways

  • Like most softwoods, cypress can be used as kindling with other longer-lasting hardwoods.
  • Cypress firewood is best used outdoors. 
  • Cypress should be seasoned for 6 to 8 months before burning. It is best to cut it in the fall or winter when it is dry.
  • Seasoned cypress is lighter in color and has cracks on the logs.

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