Using Walnut For Firewood: Tips To Make The Most Of It

One of the most valuable tree species in the US is the walnut tree. But is it good for firewood? 

Is walnut wood good firewood?

Yes, walnut wood is good for firewood. The wood is clean to burn, burns for a long time, is easy to split, and is not a poisonous product. However, because walnut wood produces low heat, you should consider mixing it with other types of wood to enhance the heating experience.

The use of firewood continues to be one of the most reliable sources of heating. This is more so during the time of winter. One of the advantages that come with firewood is that, in some cases, it can be very cheap. 

As a matter of fact, if you live near large tracts of land, you can acquire firewood at a very cheap cost. This means that in the course of the year, you can meet your heating costs in a viable and sustainable way.

However, when you think about the type of firewood to use, think about if the wood you choose is available in your locality or if you can make a successful order. In addition to that, think about the overall cost for the entire time that you will need to use the wood. 

Again, consider the ease of use of the firewood that you choose. If you carefully consider such factors, you are going to have a seamless heating experience.  

Do you have walnut growing near your residence or have you seen it growing in the woods? If you have, the question you may be asking yourself is whether you can use it for firewood. Having used different types of wood before, I believe it’s imperative to know more about a specific tree before you choose it for firewood. 

It can be really frustrating trying to find out the one that’s good for your campfire or fireplace. I have been using walnut wood for the past 3 years, and I have a first-hand account of its utility as firewood. Here is helpful information you should know about walnut:            

Is Black Walnut Good For Firewood? Is Burning Walnut Wood Toxic?

Black walnut trees are good for firewood. It will give you a decent service as a fuel source for your woodstove and fireplace. 

If you’re having a camping experience with friends, you can use it as your source of fuel for cooking. In fact, it is a decent choice for BBQ. You can also use it for smoking foods.

If you’re looking for wood with a long burn, you can consider using black walnut as well. Wood that burns for a long time is a valuable resource if you’re going to be outdoors for a long time. Actually, it’s a great idea for your fire pit as you enjoy with your family and friends.

The only thing you should know about black walnut is that it produces low heat. But, you don’t have to worry about that.

You can mix it with another wood, such as pine to boost the level of heat production. This will make your campfire experience significantly worthwhile and ensure that you have a constant supply of heat without interruption.  

Regarding whether walnut wood is toxic, it will please you to know that it is not poisonous. Thus, it is good for your family. As you plan for an evening of fireplace experience with your family and friends, you can have walnut wood in mind. 

Having used walnut before, I can confidently assert that a well-seasoned walnut shouldn’t be a problem. Since it doesn’t produce a lot of smoke, it doesn’t produce toxins that could potentially harm you.

Does Walnut Wood Make Good Firewood?

Yes. Walnut firewood makes good firewood. There are several characteristics that make it one of the options you can consider for firewood. 

To begin with, it burns clean. This is one of the factors you should consider when looking for firewood. Wood that burns clean assures you of the much-needed safety for you and your family. 

Especially if you have children near a fireplace, it will be advisable to use wood such as walnut.

Another attribute that makes walnut good for firewood is the fact that it ignites quickly. Its ability to burn fast makes it a reliable wood when you want to get things done faster. For example, you may want to cook within a short time or start a fire quickly. 

Usually, a good fire starter will do a great job of starting a fire very fast when using walnut for firewood.

Moreover, walnut is easy to split. You don’t have to use a lot of energy to split walnut for firewood. 

Since it’s easy to split, it doesn’t take a lot of time to season. Within 12 months, your walnut wood will be ready for use. Also, it’s not hard to find wood. Its accessibility makes it a reliable wood for firewood.

What Wood Is Not Good For Burning?

There are types of wood that are not good for burning. These are woods you should avoid, for various reasons, as you look for a source of fuel for your wood stove or fire pit.

Toxic wood is one of those you should avoid burning. Just like the name, any toxic wood, when burned, will be poisonous to the body. 

Upon burning, such trees produce poisonous smoke that can cause respiratory problems. So, it’s prudent to avoid burning poisonous wood entirely.

Green wood is also not good for burning. Green wood means that it’s not seasoned. Normally, this type of wood has a high moisture content that produces smoke when burned. High amounts of smoke are not good especially for indoor fires. 

The smoke irritates eyes and can also be potentially dangerous when inhaled. For this reason, don’t use green walnut wood. Instead of using it when green, it’s advisable to season it sufficiently. This will allow you to enjoy its benefits optimally.

Additionally, painted wood is not good for burning. If you burn painted wood, it will produce toxins that can be harmful to your breathing system. Avoid it completely!

Key Takeaways

  • Walnut is good for firewood when allowed to season sufficiently
  • It has a clean burn when dry and, therefore, safe for your family
  • It burns easily and is good for cooking. A good example is BBQ
  • Walnut is easy to split and readily available for homeowners who use firewood regularly
  • Avoid burning walnut when not completely dry. It produces harmful smoke                    

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