How To Get The Smell Of Campfire Out Of Clothes

Camping is one of the best experiences that you can have. But, how do you get campfire smell out of clothes? 

How do you get the smell of campfires out of your clothes?

There are two main ways of getting campfire out of your clothes: washing and non-washing strategies. If you choose washing strategies, you can use a strong detergent, hot water, vinegar or lemon juice. If you choose non-washing strategies, you can air the clothes, use spray, or use baking powder.

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How to Get Campfire Smell Out of Clothes

Camping is a satisfying and fun experience. One of the activities that make camping a great and memorable moment is being around a campfire together with family and friends. In such times, you can talk, share, and play for hours.

Indeed, this is an ideal time for bonding, and a time to show love to your loved ones. Some of these memories will remain with you years down the line, and you should make optimal use of them.

However, the campfire smell can stay on your clothes long after the campfire excitement is over. It can be really stressful trying to do away with smoke smell without getting the results you’re looking for. 

In this article, we’ll delve deeper to explore effective ways of getting campfire smell out of your garments. And by the end of this discussion, you will be in a position to choose the best option that will work for you in getting a campfire out of your clothes.

Basically, there are two major ways you can use to remove campfire smell from clothes. The first one involves washing while the other one doesn’t. 

Below, we will help you learn how to use each of them to get desired results.

If you decide to get a campfire smell out of your clothes by washing, you’re on the right track. Washing clothes to remove campfire smoke is an obvious plan of action. 

In fact, it’s highly recommended that you do so as soon as possible. 

If you wash them sooner, it will be easier to get quality results compared to washing later. If you wait for too long before washing them, it may be difficult to remove the smell effectively. 

Just like it’s advisable to get rid of stains early enough, don’t wait for too long to remove smoke smell from your clothes.

For the best results when getting campfire out of your clothes, here are valuable tips you should implement.

Washing Strategies

Use a Strong Detergent

Smoke smell can be stubborn and stay on your clothes for a long time.

That’s why when you’re washing the exposed clothes, you need a product that will do the hard work of getting rid of the smell. A strong detergent is a viable option you can use.

A strong detergent works by breaking down the smoke components that produce the heavy smoke smell, and leaves your clothes smelling fresh. 

Just make sure you read the manufacturer’s instructions carefully so that you get quality results.  

Washing in Hot Water

Washing clothes in hot water helps to get good results because of its capacity to kill bacteria. 

lso, hot water makes it possible to open the fibers of the clothes you’re washing so as to effectively get rid of the smoke smell from a campfire. 

If you wash with cold water, the results won’t be the same. 

Actually, you might be forced to put more effort or use multiple products to ensure that the campfire smell is no more. 

The important thing to consider is the recommended heat level that your clothes are able to handle. This will help you get the best results without damaging your item because of excessive heat.

Soaking in Vinegar

Vinegar is a proven solution for dealing with stubborn smells such as campfire smoke. 

If removing the smoke odor from your clothes is becoming difficult, how about soaking them in vinegar? This will definitely give you positive outcomes. All you need is warm water and 1 cup of vinegar (white). 

Soak the clothes for half an hour and wash them. After the wash, you’ll notice that your clothes will be fresher without any campfire smoke.

Use Lemon Juice

The idea of using lemon juice when washing clothes is to neutralize the strong campfire smoke smell coming from your clothes. 

The citric acid in lemons will make this possible. 

Whether you’re using ready-made lemon juice from the store or squeezing lemon juice into your washing machine, you’ll still get the results you’re looking for. The reaction between the citric acid and the smoke will help to get rid of the smell.

After the wash, the smoke smell will be no more. It will be replaced by a fresh, lemon-flavored smell.

Non-Washing Strategies

It is also possible for your clothes to be free of campfire smell without using water. In other words, you don’t have to wash clothes to remove smoke smell.

Perhaps, you don’t have an opportunity to wash your clothes after exposing them to campfire. 

In such a case, does it mean you’ll have to wear smoke smelling clothes just because you couldn’t wash them? Thankfully, there’s a way out. 

If you decide to eliminate campfire smell out of your garments without washing them, here are important tips on how you can go about it.

Air your Clothes Out  

If you’re not in a position to wash your clothes to get rid of campfire smell, maybe because you don’t have the time or for whatever reason, you don’t have to worry. 

Airing them out is a perfect way of releasing some of the odor. 

You’ll be surprised by how much this idea can do the job. It’s a very simple exercise. 

All you need to do is to find the right place to hang the clothes. Find a spot where wind flow is sufficient. As the clothes have the wind pass through them, the smell will be slowly disappearing. 

The intensity of the smell will reduce significantly and you’ll be able to wait a little longer before you can wash the clothes.

Try Out an Odor Eliminating Spray

Try an odor eliminating spray to see whether the smell of smoke from your campfire experience will disappear. 

If you can’t wash your clothes sooner after a night long campfire meeting, use an odor eliminating spray to reduce the degree of odor. 

Make sure you read the instructions on the bottle of spray carefully in order to use it appropriately.

Use Baking Soda

Baking soda is a viable choice for removing campfire smell from your garments. The advantage of baking soda is that it’s a natural smell absorber.

With it, you’ll be able to restore the usual smell of your clothes. Put the clothes in a large bag. 

Next, add ½ cup of baking soda inside the bag and close it. Shake the bag several times and allow it to sit overnight. The baking soda will absorb the campfire smell throughout the night. 

Afterwards, remove the clothes from the bag. Make sure you shake the clothes to get rid of any left-over baking soda.

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Key Takeaways       

  • Campfire experiences are fun but can leave your clothes with a smoke smell.
  • Fortunately, you can get campfire smell out of your camping clothes in two ways.
  • You can either choose to wash the clothes or opt for non-washing strategies.
  • For washing, you can use a strong detergent, lemon juice, hot water, or soak in vinegar.
  • Airing out, baking soda, or an odor eliminating spray are options if you’re not washing.

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