Do Trailer Parks Have Septic Tanks? Answered!

An ideal trailer park will give you an optimal home experience. But do trailer parks have septic tanks

Do trailer parks have septic tanks?

Yes, trailer parks will offer you a septic tank for drainage. In many cases, you will get one septic tank for every mobile home. There are some cases that warrant sharing of the septic tank, and this will require a good agreement among neighbors, whether verbal or written. The installation of septic tanks in trailer parks is subject to the law, thereby protecting the consumers.              

Trailer parks are areas designated for mobile homes. Just like treehouses, trailer homes are an alternative to traditional houses. Such homes are quite affordable and a viable option for people with a passion for exploration.

Also, for people who prefer simple construction to conventional homes, a trailer park is for you. Since trailer parks are not the usual traditional homes, people wonder whether they have septic tanks.

The answer to this question is emphatic, yes. Just as it is for permanent homes, mobile homes need septic tanks for the drainage of domestic wastewater. 

The households in a trailer park need a system of wastewater treatment and, therefore, septic tanks are very essential structures. Get to learn more about septic tanks in trailer parks below.

How Many Trailer Homes per Septic Tank?

The question of the ideal number of trailer homes per septic tank is an important one. If you’re considering a mobile home option, this is an aspect you should think about, otherwise you might be inconvenienced. 

Ideally, a single septic tank should serve one trailer home. The reason why it is recommended to have one septic tank serving one mobile home is to avoid cases where people have miscommunication and misunderstanding issues.

It is highly likely that there will be issues of who is responsible for what, at different times, and the cost that comes with the same in terms of both time and money. For example, households can disagree on who should fix the septic system if it develops problems. 

Instead of having such problems, it’s better for each mobile home to have a separate septic system. Most authorities in the US recommend this option.  

It’s true that sharing a septic tank is a great cost-saving idea but, in the long run, it could be the reason for unnecessary conflicts between neighbors.

If the parties sharing the septic tank agree to take responsibility, it becomes easier to deal with issues of repair and maintenance. The important thing is to ensure that, if you’re sharing with another person, there’s a clear understanding about it to avoid disputes. Moreover, if multiple trailer homes are using a single septic tank, it should be big enough to handle the work it should do. If it’s not big enough, it won’t be in a position to serve the different households well.

Of great importance still, it’s necessary to comply with the laws of your area. Most municipalities only allow one septic tank per household. 

So, it’s your responsibility to know the legal procedures of your area concerning septic tanks as well as rules of your community. Going against the legal recommendations will come with its implications, and it is simply not worth it.

Why Do Trailer Homeowners Use a Septic System?

Since these types of homes are not permanent, they don’t have a foundation like in the case of traditional homes. For this reason, these houses don’t have underground plumbing

I have stayed in a trailer home and, indeed, they are different from regular houses. Due to the nature of trailer homes, trailer parks don’t utilize city water. 

It is unnecessary for a park to accommodate city water and manage pipes, yet not all units will be used. That is why trailer home owners opt to use septic systems.

It’s worth noting that septic systems are more affordable to install compared to standard sewer lines.

Another reason why a trailer homeowner will want to use a septic system is that it’s easy to disconnect should they decide to relocate.

I have noticed that most mobile homeowners prefer these structures for the freedom they offer. They can relocate from a trailer park with more flexibility compared to conventional homes. So, for the sake of this flexibility, a septic system comes in handy for them.  

Again, there are some people who choose mobile homes because they want to be just that-mobile. Consequently, the septic tank fits this purpose.          

Maintenance of Septic Tank Is Vital

Maintenance of your septic tank is key for households staying in trailer parks. Obviously, because of the nature of a mobile home, you can’t depend on the government to provide waste management services for you

In addition, if anything goes wrong, the government cannot be responsible for repairing your septic system. 

Take note, also, that the trailer park management cannot address such a problem for you.

Therefore, the responsibility of maintaining a septic tank lies squarely on the owner of a trailer home. In other words, the owner of the mobile home should be informed of the expectations and follow them through.

Maintaining a septic tank requires basic practices that help to prevent problems in future. For instance, you should only dispose of natural substances.

here are materials you should avoid getting into a septic system, such as diapers, coffee grounds, lint, and any other material that cannot be broken down by bacteria. It is very important that one avoids blocking the system.  

Of great importance still, ensure that you maintain the drainage field effectively. This is made possible by following simple procedures such as avoiding other drainage systems from mixing with your septic system’s drainfield. 

Also, when you realize that the septic system is not functioning optimally, it will be prudent to remove the sludge.

It is advisable to remove sludge from your septic tank on a regular basis. If you fail to do so, you may experience a septic tank clog, which will require more effort from you to take care of it. 

I have experienced a septic tank clog before, and a drain cleaner proved useful in breaking the clog down.

However, you should be careful to use the appropriate drain cleaner because not all of them are good for the job. Some of them have harsh chemicals that not only break the clog, but also kill the bacteria your septic system needs to operate well.

So, make sure that you use a drain cleaner that will improve your drainage system, rather than damaging it.

Types of Septic Systems

There are different types of septic systems that people can choose from for their trailer homes. Each of the systems has its own unique characteristics.

One can choose the one that fits well with their unique needs and preferences. Here are the different types of septic systems:

  • Conventional-This is the most common type of septic system and has been used for a long time. It has proven to be an effective drainage solution for a mobile home
  • Above-Ground Septic System-The process for this system happens above the ground. This is common if the regular system might fail due to harsh ground conditions. In short, it offers an ideal alternative to a challenging site.
  • Evapotranspiration System-It requires hot and dry climatic conditions to operate effectively and therefore, it fits well in the states that have these climatic conditions
  • Mound System: It is ideal for an area with high ground water. However, you should ensure that you do not put pressure on the pipes as this could damage them.

Advantages of Septic Tanks in Trailer Parks

There are a number of advantages that trailer homes experience for using septic tanks

Better Control of Plumbing Needs

Taking control of the plumbing needs of your household is imperative. The good thing with a septic system is that it gives one control over their waste management. It can be stressful always depending on the city’s management to address a plumbing problem. 

I have witnessed the challenges of a city-wide waste management problem, and it can be really frustrating. So, the ability to handle septic tanks independently gives trailer park residents better control of waste management.

It Saves Costs

A septic system is a great way of saving money because it is not difficult to set up. If the city handles a household’s waste, it will have to pay monthly bills for the service. 

However, if you manage your own waste through a septic tank, you won’t have to pay anything to your city’s waste management department.

It Helps to Improve the Quality of Soil

A septic tank system helps to improve the quality of soil by getting rid of contaminants in surface water.

Key Takeaways

  • Trailer parks have septic tanks that help to manage wastewater
  • The recommended number of trailer homes per septic is one. However, a septic tank can handle more than one trailer home. For it to handle more than one trailer home, it has to be big enough to serve the different households effectively without frequent drainage problems.
  • It is important to do routine septic tank maintenance procedures for the system to function effectively. If one follows the basic maintenance practices, it is possible for a septic tank to remain in good shape for a long time.
  • There are different septic tank systems to choose from, and the usage of septic tanks has significant advantages for mobile homeowners.     

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