Do Treehouses Have Bathrooms?

When we hear of treehouses, we immediately imagine a couple of kids hiding in their safe spaces and playing in a small wooden cabin up on the tree. 

Today, treehouses have become more common permanent living solutions and luxury escapes for vacationing couples. 

Moreover, modern treehouses offer basic amenities like plumbing and electricity.

So, Do Treehouses Have Bathrooms?

Whether you are still hanging on to your childhood treehouse or taking shelter in it on vacation, modern-day solutions have made it possible for treehouses to have bathrooms. However, it will take a larger treehouse and proper planning to make the water run and resolve flushing issues.

It’s common for new builders or owners to wonder if treehouses can have bathrooms as they look to make it a place more than just games and hideouts.

It’s best to incorporate the bathroom into your plan before building the treehouse. 

Once you have laid the groundwork, it can get tricky to include the plumbing in your treehouse as neatly as you could have done before. 

Let’s probe deeper into how you can have a bathroom in your treehouse.

Can a Treehouse Have Bathrooms?

Treehouses have evolved into luxurious stay-ins used for personal getaway spots or rented to tourists. 

People prefer staying in treehouses for a unique experience and getting away from the concrete buildings within the bustling cities. 

Now, it wouldn’t be very hospitable if the tourist had to climb down and walk a certain distance every time to use the bathroom. 

Therefore, yes, treehouses have bathrooms.

Let’s find out how anyone can get a bathroom for their treehouse.

An adequate water supply is an essential need for a bathroom.

Unless you are building a treehouse in your backyard, you will need a connection from the closest public water supply. 

For that, you need to consult the authorities and get the correct permits they ask you to get.

This will maintain a lawful status for you and your treehouse and keep it from being a matter of concern.

Once you have the permits, you can start planning how you want your bathroom and plumbing to appear on your treehouse. 

Treehouses are all about comfort and coziness, and exposed pipes are probably not the best option to complement the look. 

By having your pipes concealed, you can maintain the natural beauty the treehouse is surrounded with. 

It might take up more space but will keep things tidy and raw.

After sorting out the water source and whether you want your plumbing lines to be concealed, you should think about the technicalities and possible problems that may vary with your treehouse. 

When planning the bathroom, you should consider the following things.

Height of the Treehouse

The height of the treehouse is a vital aspect to consider when planning to add a bathroom. 

Living in the wild, you wouldn’t have an induction motor boosting the water supply to your treehouse. 

The water from the municipal water system will naturally flow to your pipelines. 

However, if the treehouse is too high, the natural flow of the water won’t be enough to pump it so far off the ground. 

A bathroom is not recommended on a treehouse if it is more than ten feet above the ground.

Weight of the Bathroom

Weight is another aspect you need to consider when adding the bathroom to your treehouse. 

The treehouse is obviously built on a tree. 

The added weight of the bathroom will put more stress on the tree. 

Depending on the tree’s type, age, and condition, you might have canceled your plans for building a bathroom. 

You shouldn’t risk fulfilling your wish to build a bathroom if the tree is not sturdy enough.

Bathroom Waste Water

If the treehouse height and the bathroom weight are not an issue, you can move on to the next important consideration for building a treehouse bathroom – how to deal with the bathroom waste?

There are two ways to deal with the bathroom waste of a treehouse. 

Let’s take a look at them below.

  • If there is not enough room in your treehouse for proper plumbing, you can use a septic tank as a portable disposing solution for the water and bathroom waste. The septic tank provides treehouse owners with a reliable waste management system and relieves them from constantly clearing the wastewater. You can also use bacteria to dissolve the waste before disposing of it.
  • Another way of dealing with wastewater in a treehouse is to use plants that help filter water. Plants such as water lilies, Water Iris, Hornwort, and Canna are some plant species that purify the water by absorbing heavy metals from the water and killing bacteria like algae. This will help you ease your trouble dealing with the bathroom’s wastewater. These plants will also add natural aesthetics to your treehouse, popping up the look with freshness and greenery.

Treehouse Bathroom FAQs

Now that you have learned that treehouses have bathrooms and how you can build one for your treehouse, let’s see some common questions related to treehouses.

Can a Treehouse Have Plumbing?

As we talked about earlier, we came across the ways and steps to build a treehouse bathroom, and having plumbing is a vital part of that process. 

Tree houses can have plumbing, and all it takes is careful consideration, planning, and permits.

How Long Does a Tree House Last?

The life of the treehouse depends on the built quality and maintenance it gets. 

A well-built treehouse with the best material can last from 10 to 25 years.

The longevity of the treehouse also depends on environmental factors. 

Whether it is too much rain, snow, soaring high or freezing low temperatures, any extreme environmental condition will result in quicker wear and reduced life. 

On the other hand, you can prolong the lifespan by regularly maintaining your treehouse. 

Common maintenance and repair works include:

  • Applying sealer every four to six years to preserve your treehouse from harsh environmental conditions.
  • Regularly cleaning the entire treehouse from dirt, debris, leaves, mildew, etc.
  • Regular safety checks on all nuts and bolts.
  • Lubricating moving parts.

How Much do the Master Tree Houses Cost?

Master Tree houses are one of the most luxurious treehouses in the country. 

They have a wide range of treehouses that cost anywhere between $40,000 and $1.9 million. 

Their most expensive treehouse has a futuristic fan shape that gives extra beauty to the house. 

The average cost of a Master Tree house is often upwards of $300,000.

How Many Rooms Does a Tree House Have?

The number of rooms in a treehouse depends on the size of the treehouse. 

Large and luxurious treehouses can have up to four rooms, or all can be submerged into one giant space. 

On the other hand, some owners can carve out three rooms in a medium-sized treehouse.

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