How to Move a Yurt

Moving is always a hassle, especially if you have a lot of stuff to bring with you. And when that home (or vacation home) is a yurt, it gets a bit more complicated. Not only do you need to move your personal belongings, but you may also have to bring the entire “building” with you. But is that even possible, and if so, how complicated is it to move a yurt?

Yurts are movable, but only some yurts can be easily moved while others are more akin to permanent structures. This depends on the size and materials used, the foundation type, and whether it is connected to electricity, water, and other utilities. Some yurts can be disassembled and moved within a few hours, while others require a crew.

In this article, we will go through each step involved in moving a yurt and its contents.

Prepare for the Move

Before moving the yurt you plan the process. Consider these things well in advance of the actual move:

  • Is the yurt on a foundation, and if so, what should happen to that? Do you need a foundation at the new location, and can you bring the current foundation with you, or do you need to build a new one?
  • How about utilities? Do you need to lay new pipes for gas, water, sewage, etc.?
  • Is the new location fully prepared for your arrival? Can it be accessed by truck, and is there a dry space to place the disassembled yurt? Is there a dry location (like a shipping container) where you can store your belongings while reassembling the yurt?
  • Find some friends who will help you. If you live in a large yurt, you may want some people to help you take it down and put it back up. Moving is a hard and time-consuming task. What may take one person one or two days can be accomplished by a group of about four in a few hours.

You will also need to consider how much loading space you need to move the yurt and all of your belongings. A dissembled yurt does take up much less space when it’s set up, yet a lot more than you might expect.

What Is the Right Truck Size for Moving a Yurt?

How much loading space do you need to move the yurt, furniture, etc.? Based on yurt sizes and typical amount of belongings per square foot, this is approximately how big of a moving truck you need to move a yurt:

Yurt DiameterYurt Sq. Ft.Loading Space NeededTruck Size for
Yurt and Belongings
12 ft113.10150 cubic ft.Cargo van
14 ft153.94305 cubic ft.10 ft truck
16 ft201.06305 cubic ft.10 ft truck
20 ft314.16395 cubic ft.10 ft truck
24 ft452.39460 cubic ft.12 ft truck
30 ft706.86650 – 1060 cubic ft.14-20 ft truck
35 ft962.11900 – 1200 cubic ft.18-24 ft truck
40 ft1256.641,050 – 1,350 cubic ft.20-26 ft truck
50 ft1963.501,175 – 1,475 cubic ft.24-26 ft truck

Consider the length of the rafters when planning your move. Even if you have very few belongings, you may still need a longer truck than would otherwise be necessary to make space for the rafters.

A more precise way to estimate the loading space needed for your belongings is this calculator. Going through all your belongings could take a while, and may not be worth the effort, though. If you use this calculator, remember to add the following approximate loading space for the yurt itself:

Yurt DiameterAppoximate Yurt
Space Requirement
12 ft60 cubic ft.
14 ft60 cubic ft.
16 ft60 cubic ft.
20 ft150 cubic ft.
24 ft220 cubic ft.
30 ft260 cubic ft.
35 ft300 cubic ft.
40 ft335 cubic ft.
50 ft375 cubic ft.

Remove All Belongings

The day before the move, pack all your belongings into moving boxes to make it easier to manage. Also, disassemble any furniture that can be disassembled, as it will be easier to carry and take up less space in the truck.

When all initial preparations are done and the truck ready, it is time to carry your belongings out of the yurt and into the truck. Try to get the truck as close to the yurt as possible, so you don’t have to walk as far. Load the heaviest and biggest items first, as they should be at the bottom, so they don’t crush smaller items.

The belongings should be packed in the front end of the truck, but make sure to provide sufficient space for the long rafters on one side.

Disconnect All Utilities

Before you disassemble the yurt, make sure you are not leaving any utilities running. Turn off and disconnect all services such as gas, power, water, sewage, etc. Remember to empty any water pipes, toilets, etc., before you remove it.

Ensure you know where the water shut-off is located before you do any type of plumbing work, and turn off the main power before doing electrical work. Also, read and take photos of all utility meters. Even if your consumption is measured and billed automatically, it’s a good idea to have documentation in case of a dispute.

Disassemble the Yurt

Now it’s time to take the yurt apart. This is a relatively straightforward process:

  1. Remove the rope that holds the cover in place
  2. Pull the covers off of the structure
  3. Start removing the roof rafters
  4. Carefully take down the roof wheel when removing the last rafters
  5. Remove the door and disconnect the lattice walls

Carry each part into the trailer as you take it down to avoid humidity issues in case of rain or soil moisture. While the outer layer is water-proof, everything else is susceptible to mildew. I recommend you keep a checklist to ensure that all parts are stored safely and ready to be moved.

Move the Disassembled Yurt

When everything is safely packed into the truck, take a last look around, check your list a second time, and take off.

Set It up Again

When you have arrived safely, you are ready to rebuild your home. If you arrive in the afternoon, you should keep it all safely stored in the truck overnight to keep dew from forming on your belongings and on the inside of the yurt covers.

The next day you can reverse the process from the previous day(s):

  1. Prepare the site: Including utilities and building the foundation.
  2. Set up the yurt:
    1. Tie the lattice walls and the door together
    2. Lift the roof wheel up and attach roof rafters to the wheel and walls
    3. Pull the covers over the yurt
    4. Tie the rope around the cover to hold it in place
  3. Turn on utilities: Make sure to connect it all correctly before turning it on, and remember to test that it all works as it should.
  4. Move all your belongings into the yurt.

That’s it. Now you are ready for your new home.

Can I Move a Yurt by Myself?

It is possible for one person to move a yurt and belongings, although it is much easier and faster for two or more people. If you are in good health and moderately strong, you do not need a moving company.

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