In a Nutshell: Can a King-Size Bed Fit in a Tiny House?

One common question I get about tiny houses is: can you fit a king-size bed in a tiny house? This article will answer this question and provide information on how big a king-size bed is, what types of beds are suitable for a tiny house, how to find room for other things if they were trying to accommodate such an enormous piece of furniture. We’ll also talk about whether or not it’s possible to customize your home so that it can accommodate all of your needs!

It can be difficult to fit a king-size bed in a typical tiny house, but it is sometimes possible. It would depend on the dimensions of your home. The standard king-size mattress is 76 inches wide and 80 inches long . This means that if you have at least 6′ 4″ by 6′ 8″ floor space, then you should be able to fit it in your tiny house or similar small room.

Although, it is important to also consider the bed frame. While the mattress itself can fit in a tiny house, if you were to add a bed frame and headboard, this could take up more room – depending on the bed.

Which Bed Size Is Suitable for a Tiny House?

A tiny house on wheels typically has about 7 feet wide rooms. Sometimes it’s divided into a lining room/kitchen and a bedroom or just one large room with a sleeping corner. The sleeping corner can offer a cozy and comfortable way to sleep in the tiny house – the open layout is an excellent opportunity for adding a big bed.

However, while a typical tiny house can keep a king-size bed, it will be a very big price of furniture in such a small home. Besides the question of whether the bed itself can fit, there are other considerations to take into account. Such as:

  • Does the door open in or out? If it opens into the bedroom, you will need to have room to open the door.
  • Do you need room for closets and dressers? If so, do they have sliding doors or do they swing out?
  • Do you need room for a TV or entertainment center?
  • Should there be room for a bedside table?
  • How about room for you to move around in your bedroom?
  • How much room do you need to feel comfortable?

All of these considerations can make it difficult to say if a very large bed will fit in your tiny house or not. There may technically be just enough floor space, but then you may not feel comfortable with so little room to move or you may lack room for your clothes, etc.

What If There Is Not Enough Room?

If there is just enough room for your bed, you could find creative solutions to the lack of storage space.

You might consider hanging closets, that can be tucked away when not in use and pulled down to hold clothing when needed. Instead of a bedside table, you could hang shelves to hold your books and other items that you may need to have close by at night, like your phone and a glass of water.

The way to get the most out of your tiny house is by being creative with what furniture you have and where it goes. There are many ways that this can be accomplished when it comes to sleeping arrangements, just take a look at these tips for some inspiration:

  • You could install a Murphy bed. These beds can be folded up against the wall during the day, but pull out to a bedroom at night.
  • Another way to maximize available floor space during the day is to sleep on an air mattress. Luxury air mattresses are very comfortable and can be inflated and deflated very quickly.
  • One other way to maximize space utilization is to use a sleeper sofa. This way you will not have to find room for both a bed and a couch, yet will have both things when you need them.

Of course, an essential question is: do you really need such a large bed? Perhaps a queed-size bed (60″ X 80″) or a full-size bed (54″ X 75″) is sufficient. For many tiny house dwellers, this lifestyle is about giving up some convenience and comfort in exchange for simpler living.

And last, but not least: if you’re building a tiny home from scratch, then you can design your own layout and make sure that there is a bedroom that can accommodate your desired bed size.

Can a King-Size Bed Fit a Tiny House on Wheels?

While Tiny Houses are usually defined as homes of less than 400 square feet, any house below 800 square feet would often be considered “tiny” (rather than just small).

The smallest tiny houses are typically the ones that are built on wheeled trailers or modules, which makes them easier to move. Tiny houses on wheels are usually not bigger than 350 square feet. And the highly portable tiny houses placed on a trailer are less than 250 square feet as they’re limited by the size of a trailer you can legally pull without an additional permit.

This means your bed (42.2 sq. ft.) would take up more than 10% of your tiny house on wheels. There is a lot more available room in a tiny house on wheels than one would think, but having such a large bed may or may not be worth it.

Build a Loft

However, one way to accommodating a king-size bed would be to build a loft. A loft is a common way to provide more room inside a tiny home without sacrificing living space, save a ladder or small staircase. Up here, under the roof, you could place a mattress of any size directly on the floor. A loft is also an excellent opportunity to bring in natural light through the use of windows and a skylight.

A loft can also provide the perfect space for storage in case it would feel too cramped for sleeping. It’s an excellent opportunity for storing anything from dressers to towels, sheets, and blankets. A tiny house loft area is typically 30-50% (depending on the roof slope) of the floor space and can be a great way to make room for anything that doesn’t require you to stand up.

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