Is Orange Tree Wood Good Firewood?

People always have a hard time deciding which fruit trees are good for firewood. 

Unfortunately, not all fruit trees make good firewood.

In this article, we will discuss all you need to know to determine whether or not your citrus tree is suitable for firewood. 

Is Orange Tree Good For Firewood?

Wood from most but not all varieties of orange trees makes good firewood. The quality of firewood produced by these orange trees will depend on how old the tree is and how well it was dried before being used for firewood. 

The five most popular varieties of orange trees include Washington Navel, Valencia, Moro Blood Orange, Hamlin, and Honeybells. 

Whether or not an orange tree is suitable for firewood is a debatable issue. 

This is because of the many factors surrounding the quality of the tree at the time of use. 

Citrus trees are not commonly preferred for firewood in most parts of the world. 

This is because they tend to burn faster, and some will release toxic gases when burnt, which may cause health problems, respiratory issues, headaches, and nausea. 

It is difficult to differentiate the good citrus for firewood from the bad one until you cut a branch or the entire tree and try it out.

Orange trees should only be used together with other types of firewood. 

This is because the orange tree burns faster, even though it produces a significant amount of heat. 

Also, the nutritional benefits of oranges are what make them among the trees that are not recommended for firewood

When they get old, the tree can be cut down and used as a source of firewood because its value as a fruit tree has reduced.

It is not common to find citrus trees that have been reared primarily for firewood. 

What Makes A Good Firewood?

Before we further unpack whether orange trees are good for firewood, it is important to understand what makes firewood good.

What are the things you should consider when choosing good firewood? 

Good firewood will ignite faster and give you a lot of heat for a longer time.

If you are looking for a suitable tree for firewood, you should consider hardwoods. 

For example, hardwoods, like oak, maple, ash, birch, and some fruit trees will provide the best firewood.

They also have less pitch and sap and a cleaner in handling. 

Softwood can also be used for firewood, but it comes with many disadvantages than benefits.

Firstly, softwood burns faster. 

Although some softwood varieties will produce a lot of heat, they will be consumed faster compared to the other types of firewood. 

Fruit trees, whether it is citrus fruits or other types of trees, are not recommended for firewood because of the economic and nutritional benefits trees have. 

However, when the tree gets old, its productivity reduces and, therefore, can be used as fuelwood. 

The orange tree is among the most popular fruit trees lineup because it can survive in different climates.

This makes it abundant for firewood in areas that receive favorable climatic conditions for their growth. 

How To Use Orange Tree For Firewood

The wood from the orange tree is very dense and does not produce any sparks when it burns. 

To use the orange tree wood for the fire, you need to cut it into small pieces and then pile them. 

You can also stack them in a pyramid-like shape or lay them flat.

To burn orange firewood well, it must be well dried and free from molds.

This will keep the wood safe from toxins when burnt. 

Burning wet orange trees can lead to respiratory problems because of the excess smoke that will be produced from the furnace or your woodstove. 

If you are looking for orange tree firewood, consider choosing the wood from a mature tree.

This will be easy to split and pile for seasoning. 

How you store your orange wood piles will also determine how well they burn. 

Always keep them in a well-ventilated place that will allow free circulation of air.

Also, keep the logs off the floor because orange tree firewood is vulnerable to pests and rodents. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is The Orange Tree Suitable For Wood?

Yes. Orange trees can be used to provide wood for use in fine woodwork, making handles for tools, and mosaics.

It is not recommended for making heavy-duty furniture or applications that require wood to carry a significant amount of weight. 

Does Orange Tree Firewood Burn Easily?

Orange tree firewood burns easily, which makes it perfect for burning in fireplaces or campfires. 

When dried well, the orange tree is a good source of firewood.

It burns easily and produces a lot of heat. 

However, it can be consumed faster because it is softwood. 

Therefore, it is recommended to use orange tree firewood mixed with other types of firewood in the furnace or wood stove. 

How Does An Orange Tree Affect Firewood?

The orange tree doesn’t affect the firewood in any way. 

If it is dry, it will burn with a good flame. 

A wet orange tree will burn slowly and may produce a lot of smoke. 

When selecting the best orange tree firewood, ensure it is dried well and free from molds. 

What Does The Orange Tree Look Like?

The orange tree looks like a small shrub with green foliage, small white flowers, and orange fruit. 

Different species will have different appearances, depending on the climate and the maintenance of the tree.

Osage Orange, on the other hand, features green fruits. 

Is It Safe To Use Orange Tree For Firewood?

Yes, it is very safe to use orange wood for firewood. 

An orange tree doesn’t produce toxins when burned.

This makes it safe for both indoor and outdoor heating needs. 

Also, when dry, orange wood does not produce a lot of smoke; hence safe for use in your home. 

Is Orange Tree Firewood Easy To Ignite?

Yes, it is easy to ignite orange tree firewood that has dried very well. 

Wet or poorly seasoned orange tree firewood is hard to ignite and must be used with other types of firewood in your wood stove or fireplace to produce the right amount of heat for your application. 

What Are The Advantages Of Using Orange Tree Firewood?

One advantage of using orange tree firewood is that it burns hot and clean. The heat value is high and can be used for cooking or heating water. 

It also has a pleasant smell, which makes it suitable for burning indoors or outdoors. 

What Is The Difference Between Orange Tree Firewood And Regular Firewood?

The orange tree is a high-quality softwood that can be used as firewood when dried well. 

It burns longer and hotter than other regular firewood, creating a smoother and more consistent heat with less smoke.

This makes orange tree firewood ideal for camping and indoor heating needs. 

However, being a softwood, it must be used with other types of wood in the kiln to reduce the chances of it being consumed faster.

Regular wood, on the other hand, can be sourced from oak trees, maple trees, and many other hardwood trees that are the best source of firewood since they burn for a long time than fruit trees. 


The orange tree is an ideal type of tree that can provide good firewood for indoor and outdoor heating.

Orange tree firewood provides an excellent alternative source of firewood to hardwood trees for cooking and heating.

It is a sustainable renewable source of energy that offers many benefits to the users, including cost-effectiveness, ease to split, and being environmentally friendly. 

The orange tree is suitable for firewood. 

However, being a high-value nutritional and economical fruit tree, it is not recommended to be used for everyday fuelwood needs.

It is important to regulate the use of the orange trees for firewood to ensure they are not wiped off existence because of heavy usage for firewood. 

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