Here’s How Long A Jetboil Canister Lasts (EXPLAINED!)

For anyone who is considering investing in a Jetboil, you’ll want to know a bit about Jetboil canisters and how long each one is going to last.

How long will a Jetboil canister last?

A Jetboil canister will last you anywhere from 3 months to 12 months, depending on what size of Jetboil canister you purchase, where you store the Jetboil canister, and how often you use your Jetboil canister.

Though I love my camp stove, I recently invested in a Jetboil for those times when I need something small and don’t want to pull out the big stove. Though Jetboils are great for certain purposes, if you don’t have the adequate amount of fuel in your canister, bringing one on your next camping trip becomes pretty pointless. It’s always a good idea to know how much fuel your canisters have and how long they are going to last you before you set out on your next adventure.

Jetboil Canister Lifespan Explained

Jetboil stoves have become increasingly popular for people who don’t want to bring a larger camping stove with them, or simply don’t have the need for a larger cooking device. 

They are also great for times when you can’t start a fire, but need just a bit of heat to warm things up.

Started in 2001, Jetboil is the brand name of a line of compact cooking devices that are designed to be easy to carry and even easier to heat quickly.

Most of their various models claim to be able to have water boiling in under two minutes, some even faster.

This kind of heating is ideal for anyone who wants a quick cup of coffee, or wants to heat up a fast can of soup or chili. Originally, Jetboils weren’t made for cooking larger items, though the company is beginning to come out with other size stoves that can handle larger pots and skillets as well.

The secret behind a Jetboil’s impressive heating time are the jetboil canisters that attach to them.

Made of a gas mixture that is part propane and part isobutane, the canisters attach to the bottom of the Jetboil. When ignited, the gas in the canister is directed through a small nozzle that then turns it into a small, but powerful flame.

When using a Jetboil stove, it’s imperative that you use the specially-made jetboil canisters to operate. Regular propane won’t do the trick, and may even cause damage to you or the stove if you try to use it. 

Jetboil stoves and their canisters are super lightweight and safe to carry, making them perfect for short camping trips or for backpackers who don’t want much in the way of weight. But knowing how long the Jetboil canisters will last you is going to be important in your planning for your trip.

1. What Size Canister Did You Purchase?

A good way to figure out how long your Jetboil canister is going to last is to research what size canister you bought in the first place?

Jetboil canisters come in three different sizes – 100g, 240g and 450g capacities. 

You can boil around 50 cups of water (or other liquid)  with a 100g tank and around 100 cups of water with a 240g tank.

A 500g canister will get you about 200 cups of boiled water or other liquid.

So – figuring out how much water or other type of liquid you are trying to heat up is going to make a difference in how long your canister lasts. 

Clearly, even a 100g canister is most likely going to last you through multiple camping or backpacking trips. But you’ll be the one to know how much you are planning to actually boil while out in the great outdoors.

2. Where Are You Storing Your Canister?

Another key to how long your Jetboil canister is going to last will be dependent on where you store the canister when it’s not in use.

Colder temperatures will actually lower the pressure that’s inside the fuel canister, causing the gas to evaporate more quickly when exposed to the outside air. This means it will take more gas to light and keep your stove burning.

On the other hand, during warmer months you can expect your canisters to last a bit longer, as the gas is heavier, and burns more slowly.

If you are planning on frequently using your Jetboil stove and canisters in colder weather, it may be worth buying some foam to wrap them in.

You can also purchase foil thermal blankets or other heated materials that will help keep the temperature in the canisters a bit higher and prevent the gas from cooling as quickly.

3. How Often Are You Using Your Canister?

Finally, how often you use your Jetboil stoves and canisters can also make a big difference in how long the gas is going to last.

A typical 100g canister seems to last most people for about 5 days of camping. The larger ones can last for up to two weeks.

Of course, this will be highly dependent on how many people are in your group, and how many meals you plan to try and cook on your Jetboil stove. If heating water for coffee and tea is your main objective, your canister is going to last substantially longer. But – if you are planning on boiling large amounts of water for meal prep multiple times a day, your canister is going to run out much more quickly.

I find that I can take a 100g canister with me for a weekend backpacking trip and it will be plenty for two people. If I plan to go longer than that, I’ll usually purchase the larger canister, or bring two smaller ones along with me. 

Knowing how long a Jetboil canister is going to last you may take some trial and error on your part, since everyone’s usage is going to vary a bit. Eventually, though, you’ll know your own patterns and how much fuel you actually need to have on hand during any given camping or backpacking adventure.

Key Takeaways

  • Jetboil stoves are perfect for heating small items, like a cup of coffee or quick can of soup.
  • Jetboil stoves must be used with Jetboil canisters in order to work properly. 
  • A Jetboil canister will last you anywhere from 3 months to 12 months, depending on what size of Jetboil canister you purchase, where you store the Jetboil canister, and how often you use your Jetboil canister.

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