The 5 Best Liveaboard Catamarans for Couples

Who doesn’t dream of selling everything to move aboard their own boat? Imagine sailing the oceans or perhaps experiencing marina life while enjoying the freedom of not being bound to one location or routine.

Catamarans are great for liveaboard because of their wide design and spacious layout. They also offer greater stability than monohulls, which can be especially important when you are living on your boat long-term.

If you’re looking for a home away from home, there are many catamarans available. We have compiled a list of the best liveaboard catamarans for couples, which should help you make your decision about what size boat is right for you and your loved one.

Please note that a catamaran is only a realistic option for those willing to splurge somewhat. Even the cheapest options are considerably more expensive than a monohull – the first boat on our list is actually in the budget range. Budget catamarans can be found but will usually need to be shipped from overseas or a lot of work done to them. If you are not comfortable investing over $200,000 in your boat, consider getting a liveaboard monohull instead.

What makes a Great Couple’s Catamaran?

A catamaran for two people should be the right size – not small but also not too big. An enjoyable catamaran will plenty of room to move around without feeling like you’re on top of each other the entire time. The boat should feel reasonably large, with enough room to provide storage areas where necessary.

A liveaboard catamaran for a couple should be around 42 to 45 feet. There is plenty of space for everything you need at this size but not so big that you need a crew to handle the vessel. A boat this size can even be managed by a single person while the other sleeps or is otherwise occupied.

A catamaran for couples needs to be well-equipped. That includes a large two-person bed. The galley (kitchen) should have at least one gas stove, an oven, a good-sized refrigerator, and a few drawers with locks.

In the head, there should be a shower stall as well as space for both of you to use while stowing your personal toiletries in spacious cabinets. Preferably, the head must be roomy enough for two people to use it at the same time.

When choosing a liveaboard catamaran, you should make sure that there is ample storage space and adequate ventilation. There should also be spacious but unobstructed seating and sleeping areas that can accommodate two people plus a little bit of personal space.

One way to ensure this type of vessel meets your demands is by visiting a boat show before you start looking for boats online. This way, you can get a feel for the type of boat that will best suit your needs and preferences.

Below are five catamarans in various price ranges that all offer the features of a liveaboard catamaran for couples.

Lagoon 43

One of the most sought-after power catamarans on the market, the Lagoon 43 is a beautiful and comfortable couple’s boat that offers luxurious amenities and breathtaking views.

The aft master stateroom contains a centerline king berth, port shower, starboard head, and access to the cockpit. Coupled with two private bow staterooms with ensuite heads/showers for guests, this catamaran is perfect for those looking to liveaboard along tropical waterways.

With twin Volvo Diesel motors that allow you to cruise at 16 knots while traveling 400 miles on a full tank of fuel, you’ll rarely have to set foot ashore.

The Lagoon company’s 43-foot power catamaran serves as an opulent living space with plenty of deck storage space. It’s equipped with wide walkarounds, large windows, a spacious master cabin, and a well-equipped galley.

Price: About $250,000 for a used model in good shape.

Lagoon 420

The Lagoon 420 Catamaran is perfect for liveaboarding with a partner. It’s spacious, light, and with plenty of storage space for all your stuff.

A fully equipped kitchen (with an electric fridge freezer, stove, oven, and more) means you can fill up any ingredients bought on shore before heading out onto the water. Want to get some work done? Plenty of natural light throughout the boat will help keep your creative juices flowing.

With more than enough room for two people and air-conditioning to keep you cool in the Bahamas (or wherever you end up going), it’s everything that liveaboard is about. You’ll never feel cramped with ample storage space and direct access between galley and cockpit area that make socializing with guests while cooking easy.

Price: $300,000 to $400,000 second-hand.

Outremer 45

You’ll get smiles whenever you cruise in this compact catamaran impeccably designed to provide fun, comfort, and safety. Majestic Outremer 45 Catamarans combine ruggedness with a sleek silhouette to create an ideal vessel for the liveaboard sailing couple who seeks out high-seas adventure along with the creature comforts of home.

It’s easy to feel comfortable aboard a boat that offers so much protection from Mother Nature while still being light and swift on the water. The boat has lots of safety features, such as handrails and anti-skid steps, so moving around can be done without concern.

It features a large saloon along with wide-open side decks and easy access to the cockpit. It’s not an outrageously spacious boat, but still very comfortable with lots of nice features. And its low profile design will allow you to glide through waves with very little air resistance.

Price: About $300,000 for a used model in good shape.

Astréa 42

The Astréa 42 is a sleek, new take on liveaboard boats. They have been designed specifically for couples who want to spend a lot of time on the water without being confined to tight quarters.

The head accommodations are luxurious, and the vessel is fast enough that you never get bored with each other’s company. It’s also large enough so that even if you got tired of spending time just the two of you, you can reach out and make friends with people nearby or invite old friends on an extended trip.

Multiple living areas accommodate day-to-day life onboard as well as privacy when needed. You won’t be cramped aboard this beautiful boat; instead, sit back and enjoy the view while cruising the world’s oceans.

Price: About $600,000 from new

Dazcat 1295

If you are a liveaboard couple that wants to sail fast, then the Outremer 45 Catamaran is perfect for you. With its hydrodynamic design and lightweight carbon fiber components, this sports vessel does not have a layout that invites leisure but instead will keep your sailing adventures active and fun.

This sports vessel is not really made for liveaboard but can be fitted with all the necessary equipment to make it a liveaboard catamaran for an active couple. It is arguably the closest you get to a racing catamaran that can also be used for cruising. The designers clearly intended it to be for active sailors so you won’t find any toys onboard; just space enough for you and your equipment.

This is not a cheap sailboat, though. The price starts at £530,000 ($725,000), making it out of reach for most people. Perhaps in the future, they will be available second-hand for less.

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