Are You Supposed To Wear Underwear With Long Johns?

A pair of long johns is a must-have for every winter wardrobe because they are toasty and cozy. The proper way to wear them, however, is not entirely clear.

Do you wear underwear under Long Johns?

Long Johns can be worn with underwear for warmth and a more secure fit, even though they technically qualify as underwear. Underwear may help reduce skin irritation. It also helps to reduce the frequency of washing Long Johns, increasing their useful lifespan.

Long Johns may look like a throwback, but they’re actually making a comeback. Let’s take a moment to define Long Johns and decide whether or not they necessitate underpants.

What Are Long Johns?

Long johns, thermal underwear, long underwear, or pajamas are all names for the same garments worn like an underlayer of clothing to keep the wearer warm. Men and women can wear them to bed as pajamas, and even kids’ pajamas might take inspiration from the design.

Originally crafted from wool or cotton, modern versions are available in a wide range of materials like polyester. Some modern fabrics are treated to repel water or to aid in wicking sweat away from your body.

In the 20th century, long johns often consisted of a single garment. Perhaps a “backdoor” allowed for more convenient bathroom access. 


Benefits of Wearing Long Johns With Underwear

The question as to whether you should wear long johns with underwear is hotly debated. It has been argued that thermal underwear negates the garment’s function because it causes the wearer to overheat and perspire. 

Some think thermal underwear is the best option since it keeps you warm and stops chafing. You should decide if they will wear underwear or not with their thermals.

It’s also worth noting that the synthetic materials used to make most Long Johns are known to irritate the skin. In this situation, you can avoid skin irritation and chafing with underwear.

After that, you should explain why you’re donning your Long Johns in the first place. It’s recommended to put a second set of underwear under your Long Johns for extra warmth.

There is also the issue of cleanliness. To reduce the washing frequency, most individuals opt for Long Johns, which can absorb sweat and odors.

If you use your Long Johns with no underwear, you should wash them daily, just like your regular underwear. 

You can also wear Long Johns with underwear to extend life. When you wear underwear alongside the Long Johns, the fabrics will not break down as quickly, so you will not have to buy new ones as often.

Drawbacks Of Wearing Long Johns With Underwear

Putting underwear with your Long Johns is just like having briefs under the boxers; it’s redundant and unnecessary.

The only time you need to wear underwear alongside your Long Johns is if they aren’t made of 100% cotton, in which case you can just wear the Long Johns by yourself.

If you discover a pair that fits well, you can treat them like any other type of underwear and clean them daily, just as your regular underwear.

For strictly cosmetic reasons, most people tend not to wear underwear with Long Johns to prevent the seams of their underwear from showing through.

The last thing you need is to take off an extra layer of clothes every time you use the restroom. For some, especially during the chilly winter months, this may be a dealbreaker.

What Is The Best Way To Wear Long Johns

You can wear Long Johns as underwear for extra insulation during the cooler seasons of the year or when traveling to far colder regions. However, some people want to wear Long Johns as activewear rather than boxers, so you should think carefully about whether you can pull off such a look.

Wear your underwear first if you plan on wearing it along your Long Johns. You should pull socks over the legs of your Long Johns before you put on your ordinary pants. Wear whichever shirt you like most and style it however you see fit.

How To Choose Long Johns

Long Johns are the initial layer of clothing worn next to the skin. Since it is the initial wear, it also serves as the first line of defense against the elements and perspiration.

Long Johns underwear is supposed to be worn close to the skin, but for comfort, they should stretch a little. Long underwear for skiing should be able to wick away sweat and moisture, keeping the wearer dry throughout the day.


Long underwear is available in various weights, each optimal in its own way for a specific range of temperatures and humidity levels.

Because everyone has unique preferences, there is no single right weight for long underwear. The good thing about Long Johns is that despite the weight, they will whisk away moisture, retain warmth, and feel snug. 


Long Johns are made from a wide variety of fabrics. You can classify each of these as synthetic or natural. However, most of them are not made from cotton because the material readily absorbs moisture, stretches and loses its shape, and leaves you exposed to the cold.


Your Long Johns will vary depending on whether you reside in cold regions in mid-30s temperatures. When making purchases, remember the time of year, location, and typical conditions for your activities.

For instance, if you are going cabin camping, you might want a Long John that will keep you warm.


For casual skiing on a chilly day, a higher weight of Long Johns underwear may be preferable. A Long John set is recommended for those who plan on cross-country skiing for great distances or skiing for an extended period throughout the day.

Before going out to buy long underwear, think about the kind of activity you’ll be engaging in and how long you’ll be doing it. Having a variety of long underwear options on hand is a smart move in case the weather changes.

Key Takeaway

  • Long Johns are good to stay toasty this winter or for the newest fashion trend.
  • You can use them instead of your regular underwear during colder months,
  • You may wear your normal underwear on top of them for added warmth and support.
  • Long Johns can become a fashion staple with the best styling skills.

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