10 Things You Can Do with a Tiny House

Tiny houses are a growing trend in the United States. They’re also known as micro homes, tiny dwellings, small homes, and other names that reflect their size. There’s no one definition of what constitutes a “tiny house,” but most have under 400 square feet of living space.

Many tiny house owners love their vacation or full-time homes. But then others may have received or bought one without having a specific purpose in mind. They might still be considering all the different options that come with owning a little space like this. It can take some time before these new tiny homeowners get everything figured out – but if you’re looking for some advice on how to get started, here are 10 things you can do with your tiny house.

Living in a Tiny Home

If you don’t need a lot of space, a tiny home is a perfect solution.

Living in a tiny home goes beyond having a small home and small expenses. It’s a lifestyle. There are pros and cons to any housing option, so definitely do your research before jumping into living in a tiny house.

An often-cited appeal of living in a tiny home is how affordable they are. With housing costs continuing to rise, a tiny home is an excellent alternative if you don’t need much space.  If you’re an outdoors enthusiast, a tiny house can be an excellent option for you, as frequently, the outdoors become an extension of your property. Spend nights by the fire, enjoying the company of your loved ones. 

When you become a tiny homeowner, you will need to become an expert organizer and learn to live on less. Many tiny homes rely on a composting toilet and don’t have well access or septic tanks. However, you don’t need to do a lot of maintenance work on your home, and it can be kept tidy pretty easily. 

Use It as a Separate Office from Your Home

If you need peace and quiet to do your work, a tiny home is an excellent option.

If you work from home or self-employed, you know how difficult being productive can be when you don’t have a designated space to get things done. Research suggests that when you work from your home, your brain begins to connect those spaces with work, making it more difficult for you to relax or fall asleep when you need to. 

Distractions can still occur in your home office, especially if you have pets or kids that require attention throughout the day, and it can impact your workflow. Building a tiny home on your property or having a tiny home nearby on a separate property could be an excellent solution. 

Renting office space can be expensive and often doesn’t make sense if you’re a solopreneur. Having your own private tiny home workspace can provide you with everything you need and nothing you don’t.

It can be a quiet and peaceful place for you to focus and be productive without having your family on the other side of the office door. It also helps separate work from home life, which is something many self-employed individuals struggle with. 

Renting It as an Airbnb

An excellent passive income source.

If you live in an area with a lot of tourism, an Airbnb may be an excellent option. Depending on where you live, there may be some legalities to work out, based on codes and regulations, but if you can make it work, it can be an awesome income generator. 

Since tiny homes are so trendy, putting the time and effort into making it a charming little space that travelers will love is critical. Especially if pictures of it are social media-worthy, it will pay off in spades. Offsetting the costs of your mortgage is always a great idea. 

Your Own Personal Library

An ideal oasis for a book collector.

If you have a large book collection and you’re running out of room, a tiny house could be a great solution. Since there are no rules on furnishing your tiny home, you can create your own cozy library.

It’s not often that we can dedicate an entire space to our collections, and they typically have to share the spotlight in an office or family room. It’s quiet, serene, and there will definitely be enough room for all your books. Put a comfortable couch with some cozy blankets, and you’ll have the perfect spot to unwind with your favorite novels. Whatever you dream of in your personal space is exactly how you can create your tiny library.

Use It as Additional Storage

If you have a lot of stuff, a tiny home requires excellent organization.

When you live in a tiny home, you have to be a master at organizing. We could all learn something from tiny houses. If you need to store some extra household items to reduce the clutter in your home, a tiny house could be a good solution.

There are multiple other uses for a tiny home, so you don’t have to use it as just storage, but if you’re opting for a guest house or a home office, you could utilize some of the space for storage. Any of the mentioned uses can double as extra storage.

Use It as a Dog House

Keep your pets safe in their own space.

If you have big dogs, you know they can take up a lot of space. Give them their own little private home with your tiny house. You can make it comfortable and cozy for them with dog beds and blankets.

If you have a dog that is crate trained, they would love a tiny home as their new den. Many people choose to live in their tiny homes with their dogs, but big dogs can easily make themselves at home and take over the whole space.

You can also use it for all your dog’s toys, food, leashes, shampoo, and other items. It can be the best place for them to relax while you have guests over, especially if they’re not great with other people.

If you’re away from home all day, it can be a good place for them to hang out without having free reign of your “big” house.

Use It as a Guest House

The perfect solution for privacy.

When you have guests over, whether it’s friends or family members, it can be overwhelming if you don’t have enough space. Not only do you have to work harder to cater to them and be a good host, but they may also feel like they’re imposing on your space.

If you have guests that frequently stay for more extended periods of time, you may want to consider a tiny home as a guest house.

Not only does this option give you your personal space back, but it also gives your guests privacy and everything they need without having you ask you. It’s essentially like having a “mother-in-law” suite but detached from your home.

Use It as a Family Game Night Room

An ideal place to gather for some family fun.

If you’re a game night enthusiast, you likely have an extensive collection of games that the family loves. It can be tricky to store your collection of games if you don’t have a lot of space in your home.

Having a tiny home can be your own little games room, where the family can gather to bond and have a fun time. This works even better if you have a ‘no technology’ rule, where everyone needs to leave their devices in the main house.

If you have young kids who are in bed early and you want to keep playing and having fun without waking them up, this is a great option.

Use It as Your New Hobby Room

A quiet space to learn or practice your skills.

If you’re an amateur photographer, learning how to sew or how to paint, having your own private studio can help you be creative. A dedicated and empty space can be great for learning portrait photography, making a mess while learning, and growing as an artist.

Individuals learning a new skill may do better in an environment that isn’t what they’re used to in their home, much like taking a class.

Having your own personal studio can help motivate you to stick with the new hobby you’ve undertaken, since learning something new can be both fun and daunting.

Use It as a Personal Movie Theater

Kick back and relax with your favorite films.

Having a movie theater in your home is an indicator of the ultimate in luxury living. It’s also costly. Turning your tiny home into a movie theater feels cozy and doesn’t cost as much.

Outfitting your tiny house with a large screen TV or projector, a couch or some comfy chairs, and a popcorn machine is a perfect space for a date night or family movie night. Since a tiny house isn’t that big, a reasonable-sized TV will look massive.

Your movie theater will be the envy of the neighborhood, and all your kids’ friends will want to come over all the time.

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