Is Apple Wood Good For Firewood? From Orchard To Wood-Burning Stove

The use of firewood is a low-cost and reliable source of energy. But is apple wood good for firewood? This article will give you the answers.

Does apple wood make good firewood?

Yes, apple wood is a high-value source of firewood. This is because it does not take long to grow compared to some types of wood. In addition to that, it takes only one year to dry. Moreover, this wood can burn for a long time, thereby making it cheaper to use over a long time.

I was experimenting on different types of firewood when I realized that apple wood is one of the best types of wood. After all, many parts of the US have apple trees, making this type of wood available and reliable without getting worried about depletion.

I also realized that apple wood is not only sweet-smelling when burned, but it also generated sufficient heat. I would strongly recommend wood as a source of firewood.

During the winter season, you need to keep your household warm throughout. A question that may be lingering in your mind is which wood is right for the job.

Is apple wood good for firewood? Well, I know that apple wood is a great choice you can go for because of its unique characteristics. Therefore, the short answer to this question is that yes, it is good for firewood and, actually, an excellent choice. 

Keep reading to learn more about using apple wood for firewood.

One of the best sources of apple firewood is to contact an apple orchard. Let the owner know that you are interested, and he or she will contact you at an opportune time. This option is recommended because it is affordable.

If you want apple wood for limited tasks such as smoking meat, you can order apple chunks at Amazon.

How Long Does It Take to Season Apple Wood?

On average apple wood takes around 1-2 years to season. Of course, your location and the prevailing weather conditions affect the time it takes to season. Something else you should know is that if you fail to split the wood, it can take longer, up to even 3 years. It’s worth investing in a log splitter if you’re going to season a lot of apple wood.

For apple wood, you need the right stacking style to quicken the seasoning process. The best way to do it is to stack in rows and ensure that there is enough airflow. The reason why you should do this is to make sure there is adequate sunlight getting into the wood to fasten the seasoning process.

It is also advisable to cover the top of the stack to prevent rain from dampening the wood. If the wood gets exposed to rain, it will definitely affect its ability to season properly and within a short time. Remember to allow the side to remain open so as to give room for sunshine and penetration of air. For you to keep track of the seasoning process, I suggest you use a moisture meter to measure the level of your wood’s wetness. 

With this, you’ll be able to know whether it has seasoned enough or not. Also, you’ll know how long you should wait for your apple wood to be adequately seasoned.             

What Wood Should Not Be Used for Firewood?

There are types of wood you should not use for firewood. Here are the types of wood you should avoid using as firewood:

  • Green wood: This is freshly cut wood that hasn’t yet dried to be used as firewood. For wood to qualify as good for firewood, it should be completely dry. The wetness in green wood makes it produce a lot of smoke when burned.
  • Soft wood: The problem with softwood is that it burns fast, produces a lot of smoke, and few coals remain after burning. If you’re having an indoor fireplace or want fire that will burn for a long time, avoid using soft wood.
  • Endangered species: Whenever you go to buy a batch of firewood, make sure that you know the type of wood you’re buying. Also, when you’re chopping wood down, make sure it’s from species you know well.

What Is Apple Tree Wood Good For?

Apple tree wood is a really good choice for firewood. It has several attributes that make it among the best in regards to firewood. Some of the characteristics that make apple tree wood good include:

  • It burns for a long time-If you want wood that will burn for a long time, you can opt for apple wood. I have used it and can attest that it really good if you want to stay warm for a long time.
  • It smells nice-It has a sweet aroma when burning. Unlike other hardwood trees that produce irritating aroma when burning, apple tree wood will leave your environment with a sweet aroma as it burns.
  • It leaves you with a good amount of coals-You’ll have a significant amount of coals remaining after burning.

How Long Does Apple Tree Wood Take To Dry?

The average time that apple tree wood takes to dry is 12 months. Within a year, your wood will dry and you’ll be able to use it as firewood. Just ensure that there is enough sunlight and avoid exposing it to moisture for it to dry thoroughly.

Key Takeaways

  • Apple tree wood is an excellent choice for firewood because of its capacity to burn for long, sweet aroma, and the high number of coals that remain after burning.
  • It takes around 12-24 months to season apple wood adequately
  • For a seasoning process to be effective, ensure that your wood is exposed to the right conditions and you stack it properly. Sunshine and airflow are important requirements for successful and quick seasoning.
  •  Avoid using green wood, endangered species, and soft wood for firewood. They can be harmful especially because of the smoke they produce

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