Why Are Trailer Parks Called Estates? Answered!

Some trailer parks out there have names that resemble housing estates. So, why are trailer parks called estates? This guide will take a closer look.

Why do people call trailer parks estates?

Trailer parks have been associated with poor living conditions and other negative stereotypes in America. Therefore, the main reason why trailer parks are called estates is to help get rid of these negative stereotypes and make them appear more appealing to potential residents.

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Buying An Estate In A Trailer Park

A trailer park can be a great place to call your home. It offers all the benefits that you will get when living in a traditional home. However, you won’t have to worry about issues like property taxes or costly home maintenance. Also, today’s trailer parks are well maintained. Accordingly, they have managed to get rid of the negative stereotypes that have always been associated with trailer-park living.    

And this may explain why living in a trailer park or a mobile home is quickly gaining popularity around the country. For many years, trailer parks have been associated with the aging population. But today, you can find almost all age groups living in these places.

Benefits of Living in a Trailer Park

If purchasing a traditional home is proving to be a challenge for you, then living in a trailer park provides a viable alternative. Or, if you simply want to experience a different way of living as opposed to the conventional one of living in a traditional home, then living in a trailer park can be a great choice. Here are some of the benefits of living in a trailer park.

Affordable Means of Living

One of the main benefits of living in a trailer park is that it provides an affordable means of living. You can save a lot of money living in one of these affordable housing options.

When you are living in a trailer park, you will never have to worry about expenses like property taxes. Also, the trailer park owner will be taking care of the park’s maintenance, meaning you won’t incur maintenance costs.

Furthermore, the costs you will incur renting space at a mobile home park and living there are much lower compared to those that you will spend on running and maintaining a traditional home.

Therefore, if you can’t simply afford to purchase a home due to your financial situation, then living in a manufactured home community provides a great option. 

You will enjoy all the benefits of living in a traditional home, without the expenses associated with home ownership.

Minimal Maintenance Requirements

Another benefit of living in a trailer park is that the maintenance requirements are minimal, compared to a traditional home. 

In most cases, the trailer park owner will take care of cleaning the yards, meaning taking care of your yard will be off your hands.

On the other hand, if the mobile-home park owners aren’t taking care of the yard, the work won’t be time-consuming or laborious, compared to taking care of a yard in a traditional home. Usually, you will be allocated a small yard. And taking care of such a yard will be easy.

Live in a Community

Most trailer parks in the United States tend to be self-contained communities, featuring shared facilities and common spaces like playgrounds and pools. Therefore, they provide a sense of community, which isn’t easy to come by when you are living in a traditional neighborhood or apartment.

Live in a Safe Place

Most trailer parks have put in place measures such as background checks as well as strict safety protocols designed to protect the residents and enable them to develop strong relationships with their neighbors.

Also, crime rates tend to be lesser in smaller trailer park communities compared to traditional neighborhoods. Due to the close-knit living in these communities, the neighbors will watch out for each other. And it’s almost impossible for a thief to break into one of the homes without someone spotting them.

Consequently, this makes it hard for crime to thrive. Therefore, such trailer parks provide a safe environment to raise kids or even spend your retirement years. But, I should mention that the safety of a trailer park will vary from one place to the other.

Therefore, if you are looking to live in one, you should ensure you do your research properly, assess different places, and check reviews. And, you should find one that offers high-security levels for its residents. 

Convenient Locations

Originally, trailer parks were located on the outskirts of cities and towns. But today, most are now within the urban landscape. 

As a result, they are close to major transportation routes and corridors. And this makes them a great choice for people who are commuting to work.

Also, they are located close to restaurants, shopping centers, entertainment venues and other modern amenities. Again, they provide a great option for someone that doesn’t want to spend their valuable time moving from one place to the other.

You Can Move with Your Home

One unique benefit of living in a trailer park is that you can move with your home easily. So, if you don’t like a certain location, the amenities offered, the living conditions or your neighbors, you can simply move to another location where the conditions are favorable.

But with a traditional home, this option is not always available. You simply can’t pack up and leave just because you don’t like your neighbors.

Why Trailer Parks are Called Estates

Whenever you are driving around past trailer parks, you may have probably noticed that a majority are called estates or have a name that resembles a classy estate. I’ve personally come across names like Oak Terrace Estates, Country View Estates, Lake View Estates and Pine Tree Estates, just to name a few.

So, why are trailer parks called estates? Well, there are several reasons why trailer parks come with fancy names like estates.

First, calling a trailer park an estate may help to boost its reputation. For many years, trailer parks have been associated with poor living conditions.

Therefore, if you own a trailer park, you may find it hard to attract potential residents, simply by that bad reputation. 

But by calling it an estate, you will immediately remove that stigma and bad reputation associated with trailer parks. Consequently, you will find it easier to attract potential residents.

Second, trailer parks are also called estates in a bid to boost their market value. For example, if you own a trailer park and you are looking to sell it, a classy, fancy name like Pine View Estates may help you to attract a higher sales price, compared to a name like Roadside Trailer Park.

Third, a trailer park may also be called an estate in an attempt to erase its past issues. For instance, a trailer park may have developed a bad reputation due to being poorly maintained or prone to theft. 

By renaming it and giving it a fancy name such as Sunset Hills Estate, the name alone can help to erase the park’s past problems and a bad reputation. 

Key Takeaways

  • Trailer parks provide an affordable means of living
  • Trailer parks have had a bad reputation in the past
  • Trailer parks are called estates in an attempt to clean up their bad reputation

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