The right type of firewood will help you keep warm during winter. So, is the hackberry tree good for firewood? 

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Is Hackberry good for firewood?

Yes, hackberry wood is a reliable and sustainable wood for firewood. The wood takes just around one year to season, does not have a lot of moisture, is not difficult to split, can burn for a long time, and is available. However, like many types of wood, avoid burning it when green.  

When you are choosing the firewood to use, there are a number of things that you should consider. To start with, you should choose a wood that is safe to use. In connection with this, checking how dry the wood is is a matter of paramount importance. 

Second, you need to evaluate how long the wood is seasoned. Lastly, check with your provider if the wood will be delivered and stacked.  

Choosing the right firewood to use can be stressful if you’re not familiar with the options available. Especially if you want to keep your home warm in the winter season or want good firewood for your wood stove or fireplace, you can be spoilt for choice. 

However, just because wood is available does not mean that you will always get the quality that you seek.  

For instance, you could be wondering whether hackberry is good for firewood. Hackberry is one of the most dependable sources of wood in the market. 

Its features and characteristics are a reliable source of firewood speak for themselves, and many consumers have confirmed this as much.

There is no shortage of where you can buy hackberry wood in the US. For example, you can visit a lumber yard near you and make an inquiry. 

Some forest farmers keep stockpiles of hackberry wood, and you just need to contact them. However, it is critical that you look for the wood stock long before winter comes.

How Long Does Hackberry Firewood Need to Season?

Wood will always burn well if it’s adequately seasoned. I know the experience of burning firewood that’s not completely dry.

It’s definitely not a pleasant one! So, it’s imperative to ensure that your hackberry firewood dries completely before using it to enjoy its service. One of the positive attributes of hackberry is that it doesn’t have a lot of moisture content. This allows it to dry faster than other trees.

It takes around 12 months for hackberry firewood to season sufficiently. Unlike other hardwoods that take up to a minimum of 2 years to season, hackberry will give you excellent results in about 1 year.

Within no time you’ll be using your hackberry firewood in winter for warming your home and also as fuel for your cooking.

Just make sure you take the wood through the seasoning process correctly. After splitting the wood, stack the pieces in a way that allows sufficient airflow and sunlight to penetrate through. 

This will allow you to get quality outcomes from the seasoning process.                       

Is Hackberry A Hardwood Or Softwood?

Hackberry is a hardwood, just like water oak is. There are particular characteristics that are evidence of it being a hardwood as opposed to a softwood. 

One of the attributes of hackberry is that it has a higher density compared to softwoods such as spruce. It is thicker and heavier. This quality makes it superior to softwoods.

Another characteristic of hackberry as a hardwood is that it has a higher capacity to be fire resistant. All hardwoods burn slower than softwoods. Unlike a softwood that burns quickly, hackberry burns slower and for a longer time. 

It is this quality that makes it among the best trees for firewood. If you ask people who use firewood regularly, they’ll tell you that hardwoods produce the best outcomes. 

If you go to buy hackberry, you’ll notice that it’s costlier than the likes of spruce and pine. Certainly, it is because it’s hardwood.

Is Hackberry Wood Good For Anything?

Definitely, hackberry wood is good. Given that it’s a hardwood, you expect it to be a valuable resource because of the qualities attributed to these types of wood. 

Particularly, it is good for firewood if you love to grow it. It burns longer, which is a good thing for people who use firewood often.

During winter, you want to use firewood that will keep you burning for a longer time. Hackberry does a significantly good job in that regard. Also, it produces adequate heat. If you want firewood that will produce adequate heat for a long time, you can consider hackberry. 

A combination of long burn time and adequate heat production makes hackberry wood a good choice for firewood.

Will Hackberry Burn Green?

Yes, hackberry can burn when green. However, it’s advisable to burn it when it’s completely dry. 

Just like it is for any wood, whether it’s softwood or hardwood, the best results will always come when you burn it after seasoning it properly. 

Normally, green wood contains moisture that affects its burning quality. Smoke from firewood is often an outcome of burning it before drying sufficiently. So, while it’s possible for hackberry to burn when still green, it won’t give you high quality service. Just make sure you season it adequately and you’ll appreciate its service.

Key Takeaways

  • Hackberry is, certainly, good for firewood. As a hardwood, you expect it to do the job well. It burns longer and produces adequate heat.
  • It takes an average of 12 months for hackberry to season well and be ready for use.
  • If you follow the correct procedures for seasoning, you’ll get the best out of it.
  • Though you can burn it when it’s still green, it is advisable to wait until it dries sufficiently to burn it as firewood.                        

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